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10 best anime like domestic girlfriend: Equally weird yet romantic

In this post, we are going to be looking at the ten best anime like Domestic Girlfriends. Though the story may sound weird, it’s also romantic as well.

It’s also considered one of the most viewed romantic anime ever. It centres on a very young and vibrant young boy who falls in love with his teacher. This guy’s name is Natsui.

What really happened was that Natsui was crushing on his teacher, Hina, though she was his teacher. However, according to what they said, age is just a number. This was what gave him the courage to approach Hina, but then she never felt the same as him.

It didn’t work out for them. So Natsuo decided to explore and start things with another girl called Rui, but unfortunately, Rui was even the worst, as she couldn’t socialize with people, so relationships were also part of it; after so many talks between them, he decided to give up. 

Once upon a time, Natsuo decided to visit his father’s house, and then he realized his dad was about to get married again, and automatically, he would have step-siblings as well.

Also, later, he realized that his step-siblings happened to be the two girls he had tried to ask out lately, Hina and Rui. But is it your take should they continue to date? If it’s you, what would you have done? Friends, if you are a romance, drama, or complex relationship anime fan.

I will be listing out 10 of them that are very similar to the domestic girlfriend. Let me take you through the list together; please enjoy !!

1. Kuzu No Honkai 

Kuzu No Honkai

Kuzu No Honkai falls amongst most of the ironic anime stories we have seen. We have this supposed perfect married couple, Hanabi Yasuraoka and Mugi Awaya, who seem happy and committed to their marriage.

Still, deep down, they are just living in endurance and regret every moment of their life. This is because both couples didn’t love themselves before going into marriage. The people they loved did not love them back, so they had to just marry each other because they wanted to abstain from being lonely and single. 

The truth of this story is that these two couples were just enduring and spending time together while the people they truly loved ended up together. But now, in order to stop this jealousy and regret, they decide to end it and stop only in relationships.

This anime started going on air around 2017, with a 12-episode series. The similarity it shared with Domestic Girlfriend is part of the sadness of love that wasn’t reciprocated back. 

2. True Tears

True Tears

Just like our head story, Domestic Girlfriend, where our main character found it difficult to get two beautiful ladies he loved, it turned out that they became his step-sisters.

In the same way, we have this guy called Shinichirou Nakagami who is now so happy by the time he started staying with this beautiful girl called Hiromi Yausa.

But the only issue she has is that her countenance is always moody; anytime you see her face, you will think someone has beaten her. But then this character of hers started by the time her mother died, so that scar didn’t let her be. 

So Shinichirou changed his focus to another beautiful damsel whose name is Noe. But then she also has her problem. Any time you see her, you see tears; she needs someone to replace the tears they have stolen from her so she can continue carrying again. Isn’t that weird? 

3. O Maidens In Your Savage Season

O Maidens In Your Savage Season

Please pay close attention to the roles the characters played in this story of O Maidens In Your Savage Season. An introverted girl called Kazusa Onodera is very angry with her brother’s friend.

These two guys were just classmates in one of the literature clubs. But I don’t know why his sister, who is an introvert, won’t allow her brother’s friend to be. For me, I think something is fishy. 

Now, these other guys, Izumi Norimoto and Kazusa Onodera, were related as siblings. But then, something happened, and this very thing caused a lot of damage between them.

They see each other like enemies. My question is, what could this be? I’m sure you can relate this story to our topic. But then the O Maidens In Your Savage Season centres on five main characters, unlike the domestic girlfriend, where we have two girls who are siblings. 

4. Marmalade Boy

Marmalade Boy

In Marmalade Boy, we have a protagonist called Miki Koishikawa who, from childbirth, chooses to leave his life in a special way; his calmness is unique and top-notch.

However, this nature of his continued for a very long period of time, not until this fateful day when his parents started having issues with themselves and finally got divorced. This didn’t go well with Miki as he got derailed and changed from who he used to be to now being an extrovert. 

He started meeting people as if that wasn’t enough. The most shocking thing he did was to fall in love with this pretty girl who also gave him the same affection and told Miki that she loved him too, but then they were related by blood.

But then, of course, so many other suitors were just flirting around them so they could separate them. But then, I don’t believe these two can be separated for any reason.

From this story, you can also relate to the Domestic girlfriend who saw that the guy had feelings for someone who turned out to be his step-sibling all of a sudden. 

5. My First Girlfriend is a Gal

My First Girlfriend is a Gal

This anime is a must-watch if you are an anime lover. You can view it from Crunchyroll; it centres on this young and handsome teenage boy named Junichi Hashiba, who has been living his life normally without any issues and troubles from so-called girlfriends.

But then, as he resumed a new semester in his school, he noticed that almost all his classmates and friends were paired up with a particular lady, leaving him behind.

His initial plan was to stay focused, not talking about relationships or whatever, but now his classmates forced him to ask this pretty girl from his class, Yukana Yame, out.

She didn’t wholeheartedly accept Junichi’s proposal, but she decided to give it a try. And once that having this guy that has not had issues or problems before changed all of a sudden, there were problems here and there. 

So many people around started noticing the changes, including his best friend, Ranko Honjo. Even his neighbour also noticed that Junichi had really changed. 

This very anime was released to the public around 2017. It also contains ten episodes, where we see some love scenes and romantic moments. You should definitely see this series. It’s so interesting and has won the hearts of so many anime lovers. 

6. Gotoubun no Hanayome

Gotoubun no Hanayome

Gotoubun no Hanayome is one of the most interesting anime series ever that was aired in the year 2019 winter anime but then had a little twist in the lines. This story focuses on Fuutarou Uesugi, who happens to be at the apex of his class.

He was so brilliant that even his fellow students were jealous of him. But then he has been facing home problems. Even due to his calm nature and his politeness, people around him don’t associate with him; not even his classmates want to befriend him.

The worst of them all is that his father incurred a lot of debt for himself, now leaving his son with many insults from people. But then, despite all of this, Fuutarou never gave up.

He figured out how to earn a wage five times the normal market price; what he did will shock you. He started tutoring his fellow high school students to ensure he solved some of his problems. 

Now, here comes the worst moment for him to decide whether to continue his teaching career or to quit because the girl he is supposed to teach had a disliking argument that almost resulted in a fight, but then it’s not just her alone he will teach, he also has to teach 4 of her sisters that were also female too – Miku, Nino, Ichika, and Yotsuba, but this very student was transferred from another school to his school.

Though Fuutarou would have managed to teach this student, they are not even ready to learn; they prefer to flex around, which now puts this young teenage student’s money in line.

But then the agreement is that all four students must be taught properly and graduate with a flying colour so their father will be financially elevated. This series is suspenseful, especially the 12 episodes that made the fans almost faint from watching it. 

7. Kiss x Sis

Kiss x Sis

Most of the stories we have listed are similar to our anchor anime series, the Domestic Girlfriend, as we will be looking into a particular character named Keita Suminoe; this guy has been cool throughout his life with his father, who happens to be a single dad since his mom past on not until the day his father decided to get married again to a different woman, he realized that his step-mother to be has two daughters already and this will automatically make them his sister.

Because of this, he started developing negative feelings towards his sister. Though some other people like him, he keeps avoiding them because of his sister’s advances. However, he also faces many challenges growing up in his home.

If you are an anime fan and love Domestic Girlfriend, I will also recommend this one. They both have romantic scenes and fall in love between step-siblings. 

8. Toradora!


In this story of the Toradora series, you will be learning a lot of morals and life-teaching experiences and also get inspiration from them. It’s a must-watch anime series that tells the story of extreme love and attraction, which can lead to triangle love.

It’s focused on a young and vibrant guy whose name is Ryui Tadasu, a high-school student who has several characteristics that are so good as a young boy; a few of those are the way he is so calm and has this gentleness in him his personality is so unique. But still, most people don’t like him because of his looks.

Though he looks like a taut and a hooligan, that’s the opposite of who he truly is. But then comes Taiga Aisaka in the falling house, whose life experiences are just the opposite of Ryuji. 

This girl called Taiga is so hot-tempered and has this way of picking fights in every little argument. However, they stay in the same estate as of this time.

But here comes the most interesting moment in this series: these two united to help and encourage each other. Taiga helped her stop picking fights with people, and from there, they started developing deep affection, which resulted in love.

Just something related to our main story, the Domestic Girlfriend. Before we go into the next series on our list, let me know what you think about Ryui. Is he a good boy, or is he just pretending? 

9. Yosuga no Sora

Yosuga no Sora

If you look closely at most of the list we have here of anime stories that are similar and tell almost the same story as that of The Domestic Girlfriend; you will realize that twins are the main characters. In the same way, we have Haruka Kasugano and his twin sisters, whose name is Sora, from the anime story Yosuga no Sora.

It took a very long period after their parents passed out in a car accident that they decided to relocate from the village to the city. After staying in the city, they also return to their late grandfather’s house in the rural area.

When they finally got back to the village, they met some of their childhood friends, whom they had missed after a very long time, in the likes of Nao Yorihime and Akira Amatsume, and so many others cast that are not listed here they all made one scene or the other here.

But then, at a point, Haruka starts remembering some of the things that have happened to them, the dark secrets and more, which hurts him. His twin sister also knew about this, which killed their excitement about returning to the village after a very long time. 

This very anime story speaks loudly of so much love and true affection you share with people; it will also keep you in emotional moments and make you realize that even through darkness, some people are still joyful. What a world. 

10. Nisekoi: False Love

Nisekoi_ False Love

This anime is one of the most famous harem anime ever, Nisekoi: Falso Love, Though it’s full of humour and not even close to anime that is full of scandals. But then the setting is one complex and complicated love triangle, which is also familiar with the Domestic Girlfriend you might have seen.

So now, the ten best anime stories like Domestic Girlfriend are coming to the end of our list today. This anime isn’t just focused on only love but, at the same time, will bring you so much laughter and fun.

You really need to watch it. Now we have our main character, Raku Ichijou, whose appearance will tell you that he is an average high-school boy. But then, in reality, he was the first son of his family, the Yakuza’s family.

Though he is not interested in his family business all the time, his parents force him to get married so he can inherit all their properties; in that case, he now decides to pretend to fall in love just to have peace of mind from his family troubles and the young girl he was doing her name is Chitoge Kirisaki, she appears to be pretty, but she is the daughter to a rival gang.

But then Chitoge had someone else in mind; promises were made, too. 


So finally, we have come to the end of this amazing list of the best anime that shares similarities with the Domestic Girlfriend.

Though in some of the story it didn’t end well between the lovers but also in some, it was full of love all through. I’m sure you enjoyed this post today. Till we come your way next time. Goodbye

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