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Best Latino Anime Characters That Will Steal Your Heart

Although many animation series are made in Japan, many Japanese characters are in anime. But not all characters are from Japan, some can also be from various other parts of the world.

The power ranking of the 20 best Latino anime characters is mentioned down below. Join us to know some of the best Latino anime characters interesting enough to steal away your heart. These characters can impact the general public with their captivating abilities and pop culture.

20. Maria Ishida ( Silent Voice)

Maria Ishida ( Silent Voice)

Bessatsu Magazine’s first launch took place in February 2011. It blossomed into serialization.

Maria was the important character in the manga as per the weekly Shonen Magazine issue from 2013.

Shoya and Pedro have an older sister who has a daughter, and they name her Maria. The story is built around the story of Shoya Ishida and Maria as her relatives.

The bully, Shoya, is partially inspired by Maria. Shoya starts to gather many people to work in a group, and that’s the time when Nagatsuka plans to have a film competition.

But when the time came, only Ishida was included. Shoya was eventually influenced by Maria’s help by putting aside all their differences.

So, how did relations build up? Believe me, this anime is a hundred times more interesting than you can think!

19. Io de Scylla (Saint Seiya)

Io de Scylla (Saint Seiya)

De Scylla is the main lead and part of the show. He is one of Poseidon’s Seven Marine Generals in the story. He was given the responsible task of guarding the South Pacific Ocean and also the Mammoth Pillar.

Shun got into an epic battle with De Scylla. He can block De Scylla’s powerful attacks because he is able to decide what caused Andromeda Cloth’s transformation. Shun was blazing with Cosmo.

Even after facing defeat and also seeing the destruction of the pillar, De Scylla’s sacrifice shows his loyalty to the mission and his duty. Despite seeing no chances of seeing the victory, he still didn’t leave the fight.

18. Ricardo Martinez (The First Step)

Ricardo Martinez (The First Step)


The undefeated rival and WBA featherweight super champion, Ricardo Martinez, is widely recognized. He was recognized as the best pound-for-pound fighter.

His intimidating presence created so much fear among others that they chose to contest for the WBC belt rather than face Martinez in WBA. In his first meeting, Date tasted defeat in the second round.

He never directly fought against Ippo; he just had a sparring round with him, in which he knocked him down. He was majorly known for keeping the WBA title for more than 10 years.

17. Sunshine (Kinnikuman)

Sunshine (Kinnikuman)


Peru is one of the members of the six Akuma Choujin. He’s a rough and tough luchador from Nazca. He is also called the trainer of Nightmares. Being an Akuma Choujin, Sunshine is a tough and powerful Wrestler from the Universe.

He is 3 meters tall; we can say he is almost 10’. When we talk about his superhuman abilities, his superhuman powers are the highest, about 7,000,000.

We can see Peruvian heritage in Sunshine’s attacks. His attacks also include sand or Pyramids. His body was preserved in the Sunshine 60 building in Tokyo.

But if we see the Nazca Pyramids, his pyramids resemble more Nazca, right? He is a Peruvian with a very strong character. He has the ability to defeat Hawaiian champions.

16. Quetzalcoatl (Luck & Logic)

Quetzalcoatl (Luck & Logic)

Quetzalcoatl, or “Q” for short, is the most loveable character who is also a very Clumsy kind of Logicalist from the Luck and Logic anime series.

She is always ready to help her friends, but with her good intentions, she ends up causing more trouble for them. She stands as the most loyal friend for her team and she will do whatever to protect them.

Q is the strongest fighter in her team, her optimism is her luck charm. Due to her legendary luck, the other characters rely on her.

 15. Pedro Domingo (Excel Saga)

Pedro Domingo (Excel Saga)

A Colombian immigrant with a sexy wife “Pedro ” left his country to send money to his son Sandora and his wife so they could live a good life. As Excel uses the wrong tactics, Pedro ends up in an accident and dies.

He becomes a ghost and wanders around the world to find his family. He becomes a Boy toy for the Great Will of Macrocosm, before he escapes and returns back to his family. When he returns back home, he sees that his wife has already forgotten about him and moved on with his friend Gomez.

Sad and betrayed Pedro carries a Lot of Latino Stereotypes; still, we can say that Excel Saga is a comedy anime that is filled with great humor. He has a dark-skinned Latina wife who has great curves and is lovey-dovey.

Pedro immigrated to another country to be a construction worker. In spite of being a secondary character, Pedro brings a great amount of laughter to the show. Especially whenever he says, “Noooooo!”. The audience enjoyed imitating his “Noooooo!”

14. Pepe Iglesias (Megalo Box)

Pepe Iglesias (Megalo Box)

Iglesias is the second contender and also the opponent of protagonist Yuri in the Magalonia. He was known by the name Spider. He got the Spider nickname because of his ability to quickly go sideways and maintain great balance.

He was good at trapping his opponents and he has good shot technique. Toppling Yuri is his weakness while giving an excellent shot is his brilliant technique.

He can keep his solid chin up until his bout with Yuri remains unknown. Make sure to look out for his punches. His great sense of humor is as strong as his strong punches.

13. Peyote Diaz AKA Ramiro (Shaman King)

Peyote Diaz AKA Ramiro (Shaman King)

A Shaman from Mexico’s Jungles, Ramiro is the most devoted follower of Hao. After having a faceoff with death several times, Ramiro’s body has many scars, along with a few noticeable bullet holes. He also neglects his personal hygiene and doesn’t take care of himself. He seems to be losing all his prominent teeth.

He has a long beard, and his hair is styled very long. His outfit is untidy. His sight can intimidate him because his looks have things like masks and death motifs.

One side of his scalp looks like a punk haircut. His several symbolic tattoos are called Kanji Tattoos. He has a long scar on his head. With his guitar, he can make other people’s souls dance.

A new spirit, Santa Muerte, was given to them after Ramioro’s resurrection. His depression halted more after he was resurrected by Hao.

12. Dominique Millian (Grab My Obi Tight, OK?)

Dominique Millian (Grab My Obi Tight, OK_)

The 48-kilogram powerhouse Dominique, who hails from Cuba, attends a prestigious ESPA school. Dominique attended the Fukuoka International Tournament.

She is able to throw her opponent and is never tired of many repetitions.

Her presence in the show is to foil Mari Kurama. She keeps on losing whenever Mari is her opponent. She did win at the Olympics, but it was mainly because Mari didn’t participate in the game.

 11. Jesus Burgess (One Piece)

Jesus Burgess (One Piece)


Jesus Burgess is the Helmsman from the Blackbeard Pirates. He was named as Champion for being the first captain of the ship. Jaya played the role of minor antagonist.

After winning the block battles with Enies Lobby and Marineford Arcs, Dressrosa Arc played a very big role in these block battles.

While playing a large role during Dressrosa Arc, Albeit got disguised during the Marineford Arcs and Post-Enies Lobby. His facemask is of Latin origin. He fights with tough opponents with his amazing test skills.

 10. Greiger (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s)


From the many spin-offs from the Yu-Gi-oh franchise which took place in Peru, there are many Latino characters which are available. His family was killed in an experimental summon of Crimson Dragon.

Greiger got his main motivation from summoning a crimson Dragon to take his revenge on Goodwin. He learns about the dark truth only after dueling Crow.

9. Carlos Rivera (Tomorrow’s Joe)

Carlos Rivera

By birth, Venezuela is known for street fighting and boxing, while Rivera is known for being the top-ranked 6th position in the world. He has a manager Harry Robert, who helps Rivera out by pushing him under professional training and has to have proper training.

Having natural strength is the biggest merit that can make a great difference in a fight between two fighters. His punching speed is much more speedier than the other fighters. Ippo has been decided as a no-contest because a huge amount of fouling has been occurring between the two fighters.

8. Lala Gonzalez (School Rumble)

Lala Gonzalez (School Rumble)

Lala Gonzalez is a bright student from Saruyama High School. Miki Sawamura is Lala’s best friend. Lala is a short, high-pitched girl with brown eyes; she has long black hair, and she keeps a braids hairstyle.

Miki watches the episode, but she is not very interested; she takes these matters to Lala and tells her she doesn’t like it. Lala also understands why.

She may not be a very smart student, but she doesn’t care about it. She also keeps on watching School Rumble and hangs out with Miki, which gives her happiness.

7. Nadie (El Cazador de la Bruja)

Nadie (El Cazador de la Bruja)

Nadie is a bounty hunter and a gunfighter from Mexico. She was given the task of protecting Ellis using her special powers. However, she was wanted for committing a murder.

Nadie was the sole survivor of all the killed people from her hometown. She is very short-tempered and energetic and wears a smile all day long. But her tolerance for her enemies is of zero level.

Colt 45 is an ace. She keeps her watch over Ellis. Nadie becomes closer to Ellis and can do almost anything for her. She is the Latina, the story’s heroine!

6. Juan Diaz (Captain Tsubasa)

juan diaz (captain tsubasa)

Juan Diaz plays the role of a star player and the captain of the Argentina team in this anime. Juan Diaz is a very talented Soccer player as compared to Maradona.

He considers himself as the best of the best players. The Japanese team has a duel with Tsubasa (Oliver Atom is Spanish). In this game, Argentina lost by a single goal.

Juan Diaz plays the Argentinean spirit very well. Ramon Angel Diaz was a really good soccer player. Juan’s part is based on Diego Armando Maradona. He was also considered the “Pride of Argentina.”

5. Roberta (Black Lagoon)

Roberta (Black Lagoon)

The Colombian assassin Robverta is well trained by the Cuban Militia, and she is the Lovelace Family’s maid. It seems as if Latinos can almost do anything).

You may think that she may appear stronger than she looks. She also is the master of superhuman instincts. She is very experienced, as she has spent multiple years of training in martial arts and stealth attacks.

Roberta is a wild beast buty loyal to her master and son. Her love for little brother Gracia is so well rooted in her that she can do anything to protect him.

Roberta’s character is also similar to EL Mariachi with Antonio Banderas. She is savagely cool in all her OVA episodes of Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail.

4. Leo de la Iglesia (Yuri!!! On ICE)

Leo de la Iglesia (Yuri!!! On ICE)

Leo De la Iglesia is a master figure skater from the US. She represents Figure skates from Mexican Heritage through the sports anime. Yuri!!! On Ice has a character named Leo. Leo has a vibrant personality and optimism, and he loves to listen to music.

Leo plays his sport dedicatedly and demonstrates his consistency with sport and teammates. The main highlight of this anime is how Leo highlights the importance of perseverance. He is like an open book; he is a gay character and leads a positive character role for the LGBTQ+ anime community.

3. Sado Yasutora (Bleach)

Sado Yasutora (Bleach)

Yasutora is a tall guy with a muscular body who boasts about his mixed Mexican and Japanese ethnicity. This kind and notable character gets easily noticed for his academically gifted sense.

He studied at Karakura High School. Chad is the second name of Yasutora. He is constantly involved in big fights, but that actually adds a lot of interest to the watchers of this anime. Chad and Ichigo are blood brothers, and things are not shown to go that smoothly between these folks.

2. Michiko Malandro (Michiko And Hatchin)

Michiko Malandro (Michiko And Hatchin)

A big character from the cartoon Michiko And Hatchin, Michiko, leaves prison and saves a girl called Hana. This is part of an important story that will help save her father, too, in the future.

Coming from Brazil, she met Hiroshi, and another dude was looking for Sasha. This led to Hiroshi having a hurt face, but then Michiko feeling sorry for him. Michiko tries to save Hanako in order to find where Hiroshi is because it’s been said that he has been killed.

First, Michiko and Hana stop getting hurt by Hanas’ foster parents. Then, they become closer to each other. Finally, Hana tells Michiko she doesn’t want to be called that and so is later known as Hatchin.

Her strong will is clear all through the show. She’s ready to almost fight anyone or anything so she can get what she needs. Her name, Malandro, means ‘scoundrel’ in Portuguese and is a common word used to talk about street bad guys or rough people.

1. Monkey D Luffy (One Piece)

Monkey D Luffy (One Piece)

Luffy is known as a Straw Hat from One Piece anime. He is also the captain of the Pirate crew. He has a special ability to stretch himself like a rubber band.

He is the most noteworthy character from One Piece anime. He looks like a Latino guy and doesn’t seem to be from planet Earth. Luffy comes from the East Blue Coast.

The creator of the One Piece series is “Eiichiro Oda”. He is a Brazilian guy. Luffy is given the main spot in the most popular series of all time. He is the most recognized guy from Numero Uno also.

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