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9 Most interesting characters in kamisama kiss

Kamisama Kiss anime is about a girl named Nanami who has become homeless due to her father’s debt. She saves a strange man named Mikage, whom dogs chase in the park.

Mikage offers her his home as she saves him from the dog. Nanami accepts his offer, but after arriving at Mikage’s home, she is shocked because it’s not a house but a shrine.

Tomoe is a fox yokai who was the land god of the shrine, and now she chose Namami as the new god. As the story goes on, Nanami starts to fall in love with Tomoe, but she gets rejected by Tomoe because the love between a human and a yokai is prohibited. Despite saying this, Tomoe starts falling in love with Nanami, too.

9. Kurama


Initially, Kurama got a lot of hate for his overbearing attitude and arrogant behaviour towards Nanami. However, he does something later in the series that turns all his haters into lovers.

No one knows that he is a crow tengu who came from the mountains many years ago, and now he is famous as a pop idol named fallen angel. When Kuama finds that Nanami is a land god, he becomes interested in her.

If he can eat her, he can get his powers and become more powerful. Therefore, he tries manipulating her into being with him, but Tomoe foils his plans. However, Nanami shows kindness towards him and forgives his actions. Therefore, Kurama decides to stay with her and earn her powers instead of stealing them.

Kuruma wears a school uniform, a choker and a necklace with a cross on the neck. He styles his brown hair into a swoosh on the left side. He wears fingerless gloves and long brown nails on his hands.

I don’t like Kurama due to his dramatic personality and acting like a baby. And even though he is 28 years old, he is still studying in high school, which is hilarious.

However, he also helps Nanami to escape troublesome situations many times; one example would be during the Yokai incident when he uses fame to help her escape.

There are many hilarious moments between him and Tomoe. Once, he was turned into an Ostrich by Tomoe. So, what’s your take on Kurama? Do you hate him or love him?

8. Akura-Ou


Akura is an evil demon who attacks villages and kidnaps beautiful women. He also takes over their armies and is powerful enough to stand toe-to-toe with Tomoe.

He also has some history with Tomoe, as they used to be good friends. However, when Tomoe left him once, he was captured by the gods and imprisoned in the underworld. So, he still holds a grudge against him.

Later, he gets a new vessel of a human guy named Kirihito. Akura Ou’s real body resembles a demon with long red hair, sharp teeth, golden hair and black lips. He also has horns on top of his head and pointy ears.

He wears golden earrings and a fishnet shirt with a long black jacket. On his neck, he wears a tooth-shaped necklace. He wears black pants with black shoes and a black belt with a golden buckle.

And if we talk about Kirihito’s body, which he has taken over, then he has red eyes and short black hair. He wears all-black attire, which resembles his demonic personality very well.

When Akura Ou first appeared, he was bloodthirsty and oozing with murderous intent. He was someone who didn’t care about anyone else. When he meets Nanami, he is in Kirihito’s body disguised as a human, while his real body is trapped in the underworld.

During this time, he has become accustomed to this world and has become much calmer than before. He hasn’t lost all his cruelty, but now he is someone who has a direction and doesn’t do mindless killings.

What I like about Akura is that he is not as obsessed with Tomoe as Kurama is with Nanami. It’s easy to guess that he liked Tomoe very much in the past, but when he suddenly left him, he became sad, which is one of the reasons for who he is now. So, do you like this Tsundere Demon or not?

7. Shrine Spirits

Shrine Spirits

Onikiri and Kotetsu are the shrine spirits who stay at the shrine and serve the land god. They are very loyal to the Nanami. They refer to Tomoe as the ‘Master Tomoe’.

Both of them look very funny and adorable at the same time. They will definitely make you laugh, without a doubt. Both of them are small in size and bald. They always wear a white kimono with red flames on its tips.

Onikiri wears a white mask with red lips and closed eyes that look like a smiley face. It has black hairs painted on the head. Kotetsu wears a mask that is skin coloured; it has the expression of a winking face with one eye closed and another open. It also has a green coloured head wrap that is spotted with dots all over it.

They are not very strong and cowardly, but you will love them because they are funny and adorable, and they make Nanami feel welcome. They always try to help Nanami and teach her what they know about the world.

6. Mizuki


Mizuki is a white snake; he used to be a familiar peach blossom goddess in the past. The first time he met Nanami, she saved him from being attacked at her school, and after seeing her kindness, he decided that no matter what, he would take her as his wife.

Therefore, he also kidnaps Nanami and tells her about his loneliness after the goddess left him. In the beginning, he acts like a creep and also kidnaps her. But, as time passes, he learns to control himself and respects Nanami’s wishes.

However, he still acts like a jerk towards Tomoe. He also has a cute little flute, making him a more lovable character. He is like a friend of Nanami who protects her in difficult times.

5. Otohiko


Otohiko is a feminine male wind god. When Nanami became the land god, he disapproved of that at first. He then set the haze on the shrine grounds to see if Nanami could handle the situation, but the situation worsened. Eventually, Nanami takes care of the haze, and after that, he acknowledges Nanamin.

Otohiko wears a white scarf and wraps bandages around his body like a mummy. He has red hair and wears sunglasses on his head. He then wears a pink jumpsuit on top of that with black gloves.

He also wears face makeup like lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara (probably), and gold earrings. He has a sassy attitude that will make you laugh uncontrollably.

4. Yatori


Yatori has green eyes with swirl designs, and his skin is pale. He wears a lion’s mane on his head with a red demon face in the middle. He usually wears a light purple kimono with a dark purple cover. He has somewhat of a rotten attitude, one of his most hateful parts.

3. Mikage


Mikage is the land god who was saved by Nanami in the park by a dog. He was a land god at a shrine but left the shrine 20 years ago for unspecified reasons. He then invites Nanami to his home and turns her into the land god by bestowing the god’s mark on her.

He has blonde hair and wears glasses. He wears a trench coat and pants with light brown colour. He seems like a nice guy, but his character is portrayed as a mysterious man with unknown motives.

But we do know one thing about him: he is very scared of dogs, and we can see that in the beginning when he meets Nanami for the first time.

2. Nanami


Nanami was a normal high school student at first, aged 17 years. She became homeless because of her father, who was a gambler. He left her with so much debt that she couldn’t even afford to pay the rent of her apartment. But she was still a kind and good-hearted girl.

This kindness was repaid to her when she saved a man named Tomoe, whom a god chased. However, she didn’t realize that the man whom she had saved was no ordinary man but a Land god of a shrine.

After talking with her, Tomoe passed the land god mark to Nanami, turning her into the first land god who was a human once. He then gave Nanami a map of the shrine.

Nanami has long brown hair and brown eyes. She has a face similar to her mother’s. Her clothes keep changing; she is often seen in her school uniform, but she also wears dresses and kimono outside school.

While Nanami is very kind and always helps others in need, you better not anger her. Because she is not afraid to stand up for herself and calls others out when they do something bad.

While she doesn’t ask anyone to make her a god, she tries her hardest to fulfil her new role as a land god.

The whole story revolves around her trying to become a better god and her romance with Tomoe.

She strongly believes that humans and yokai can have romantic relations, which is a taboo in the yokai world.

She has a godly weapon called a white talisman and uses a shikigami called Mamoru. He is a small monkey that can fit in her palm but also transform into a young boy.

She can create different kinds of barriers with his help. She is grateful for this new life that she has. So, she tries her best to care for the shrine as a god.

1. Tomoe


Tomoe is a fox yokai who serves the land god Mikage as his familiar. But after Nanami turns into the new land god, she contracts Tomoe to turn him into her familiar. He does not like Nanami at first, but this slowly changes as he sees her doing her duties faithfully and enthusiastically.

Tomoe is pale and tall-looking. He has white hair, fox ears and a white fox tail. He wears a traditional kimono. His personality greatly resembles that of a fox, which is sly and cunning. He may not look like a nice guy at first, but deep down, he is. He is devoted to Nanami and cares about her.

He is a very powerful character who can use techniques such as transforming himself and others and disabling other familiars, but his most powerful technique is “Fox-Fire”. It can hunt down enemies and even control other flames.

He was once a fierce demon but was mollified by a human woman named Yukiji and then by the god Mikage. As the story progresses, he realizes he has fallen in love with Nanami, the current land god. But this resulted in an old curse being reactivated, which was placed on him.

He has made a deal with a corrupt god, saying that he will remain with his loved one for his entire life in hopes of becoming human(He had desired to become a human).

But sadly, his loved one died, which caused a curse upon him that would kill him slowly. But then Land god Mikage found him and made Tomoe his familiar. Mikage then erased his memories, which stopped the effect of the curse.

But after he realized his feelings for Nanami, the curse activated again. So, Nanami helps him to break his curse by travelling to the past. In the past, both of them learned many truths about them that none of them knew before.

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