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Best Anime Bunny Girls (Rated by Otakus in 2024)

Bunny seems to be very popular in the multimedia domain. We see them in movies, cartoons, animations and in songs too!  Who can resist the playfulness of the bunnies? Their liveliness, shy nature and cute version creates a lasting impression in the viewers mind.

Do you know, fans do mimic the bunny-like behavior after watching them! Anime world is smart enough to allure their fans with these cute bunny traits. Bunny girls make up the interesting anthropomorphic characters to impart visual appeal and enchanting storyline.

So, if you are an anime fan and like to see bunny traits, I have listed the Top 23 Best Anime Bunny Girls of the year 2023 to make your search easy. It’s not just my research, in fact they are rated by Otakus too!

23. Rito Tsukimi (Absolute Duo)

Rito Tsukimi (Absolute Duo)

Have you seen people with their other self, I mean have an alter-ego? Quite common in the society, but rarely seen on a day to day basis.

If you are curious to know how these people with alter-egos look, watch Rito Tsukimi in Absolute Duo manga series.

She not only nurtures a dual personality but has one more distinguishing attribute.

Hey friends! She has got bunny ears and is a bunny girl!

Talking about her personality, she is smart, kiddish and playful. She works as a school teacher. And do you know, she is heavily revered and loved by their students.

Watch out fellas! Her friendly nature can turn out to be volatile in seconds! Students know her other self, and proudly calls her Black Usa Sensi when she is in her detrimental form.

It’s really fun to see this cute  bunny girl as she flaunts her sword and shows her dark nature turning her to be a brutal one!

22. Chuchu (Show By Rock)

Chuchu (Show By Rock)

Does her name ring music in your ears? Well friends! This bunny girl dwells in the musical world! She loves to make her audience tap their feets on her guitar beats!

Meet Chuchu from the “Show By Rock” anime series.

Want to picture her unique traits? Here is a list. She is a purple beauty. Her long bunny ears popping out from her purple hairs makes her  a cutie-pie. Besides her bunny traits, her musical aspiration elevates her iconic image in the anime realm.

Did I mention, she secretly wishes to be a solo guitarist and gain popularity in the musical world? Watch her for her ambitious life as she unravels the bunny traits along her secret endeavor.

21. Alice Shiratori (Moetan)

Alice Shiratori (Moetan)

How do you perceive a little girl with glasses? Shy and studious?

Well, Alice Shiratori is not what you think! She definitely wears specs and her tiny state calls for her straigh-forward behavior. Can you even think a little devil may reside behind this cute face?

She magically transforms into a bunny girl with golden hairs. Don’t confuse her with her bunny traits, she actually wears a bunny costume to amplify her magical look. Her bunny ears are just not real, but attached to a hairband. On the contrary her tail is real.

Did you know watching Moetan means being in the virtual company of cute girls? I must say you will not regret watching Moetan only for Alice, as it has a lot more to serve her fans!

20. Nashetania Loei Piena Augustra (Rokka no Yuusha)

Nashetania Loei Piena Augustra (Rokka no Yuusha)

Watch for her whiteness! Her looks may dilate your pupil! She is a true rabbit in her human form.

When you look at her red eyes, it will redirect you to her bunny soul. Her long white ears are a spot out attribute of her bunny look. Her long white hairs uniquely braided will throw her feminist look.

Enough of her bunny traits, let’s know a bit more about her story!

Nashetania Loei Piena Augustra appears in the Rokka no Yuusha manga series. Apart from her bunny appearance, her ivory look hints at her virtuous nature.

Do you know she is a saint in the anime and carries a sword to fight evil?

I strongly recommend watching her at least once to know the real beauty of what bunny girls are like!

19. Delilah (Gate – Thus The JSDF Fought There)

Delilah (Gate Thus The JSDF Fought There)

We have a brown bunny girl here. Everything about her is brown! Her pointed ears, hairs and her dress too!

Watch out fellas! Her sharp ears reflect her sharp nature too! She is into the dangerous business of killings and shooting. Her former profession of being an espionage makes her devastating to reveal any secretive information she desires from her captives.

She is a terrible brown bunny who doesn’t think twice to give a brutal blow to her opponent. In the series, she is portrayed as a slave and a rebel too!

Her story is as deadly as her looks. Do spare some time and enter into this devastating world of Delilah in the “Gate” anime.

18. Kuku (I Have Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years)

Kuku (I Have Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years)

Watch out fellas! Over- working killed one girl in the anime! You, don’t be the real-life example for others, do find time to entertain yourself!

I am talking about  Azusa from the “I have been Killing Slimes For 300 Years” manga series.

Here, we are about to discuss not the protagonist Azusa but the supporting Character Kuku who is heteromorphic.

She is ambitious and nurtures passion for music! She accidentally ends up with Azusa and her family as a heart-stuck patient. Her orange hair, red eyes and fluffy ears tells a lot about her bunny nature.

She is the one of the bunny girls with no magical powers yet becomes catchy to her viewers.

17. Melona (Queen’s Blade)

Melona (Queen Blade)

Are you looking for a pink rabbit girl, Melona turns out to be the right pick!

Her long pinky bunny ears, pink hairs and rosy complexion will make you look more in her bluish eyes.

Do you know this bunny girl not only changes her form but also her hair color too! She is actually a slime and shapeshift as per her desirable form! Isn’t it amazing to witness such astonishing ability?

She is lively and loves to trick others! Watch her for her playful yet witty nature in the “Queen’s Blade” anime series.

16. Komugi Yoshida (Nurse Witch Komugi Chan R)

Komugi Yoshida (Nurse Witch Komugi Chan R)

Healing science is always considered miraculous, and if it encompasses the mystics of witch magic, it becomes more interesting to watch. Am I right?

Let’s uncover the mysteries of this bunny girl who doesn’t fail to bewitch their viewers with her hidden powers!

Meet Komugi Yoshida from the “Nurse Witch Komugi Chan R” manga series. Quite easy to guess from the title, that she is a nurse and heals the wounds of the people.

But what captivates our eyes is her magical power which she unleashes against the malicious threats. Apart from her philanthropic role, she is a very good student and fun-loving girl.

I am damn sure you will love to see her pink bunny traits which adds more beauty to her charming persona!

15. Yoshino Himekawa (Date A Live)

Yoshino Himekawa (Date A Live)

Have you seen kids often carry their favorite toy with them? Mostly such kids are introverted and they communicate their feelings to such toys.

We also have one such introverted girl in the bunny list who  carries a bunny puppet in her hand. It’s her favorite and she uses it to convey her inner thoughts.

She looks like a blue deity. Her long blue hair, blue eyes and girlish dress creates a cuteness appeal.

Meet this aqua girl with cuteness overloaded on her tiny face! She is Yoshino Himekawa from the “Date A Live” manga series.

14. Usa-tan (Etotama)

Usa-tan (Etotama)

Meet a bunny girl who is extremely rich, rich enough to have her own personally owned aerial flights! Yet she works at a cafe, what should we call that? A sign of modesty or her being herself?

Whatever you guess, Usa-tan from “Etotama” manga series is going to captivate you for her bunny traits. She has got notably long legs to jump high as rabbits! Her long white ears and tail talks a lot about her bunny form. Her golden hair complements her delightful persona.

She has one more distinguished taste. She is fond of animals. Rabbits are her favorite and other zodiac animals take a side view to be her companion.

I am pretty sure this rich bunny girl will give you an enriching viewing experience with her conflicting generous and adamant attitude! Do watch her in the Etotama!

13. Nanachi (Made In Abyss)

Nanachi (Made In Abyss)

Friendship takes a toll when we see our friends in pain! We do anything to subside their misery and taking their own life needs a hell lot of courage!

That’s the story of Nanachi from the “Made In Abyss” manga series. Despite being a subordinate character, she has gained a lot of fame in their viewers eyes. Don’t complain that I didn’t warn you, tears may drip from your eyes as you unravel her life!

She along with her best friend Mitty becomes the victim of the abyss evil experiment. Fate has chosen to cast havoc on Mitty, making her a cursed creature. Whereas Nanchi suffers more to see her friend in pain!

Riko and Reg turn out to be their savior. How and when, is a long heart-wrenching story. I strongly recommend seeing this little bunny kid wrapped up in her innocence, guilt and strong determination as she embarks on her avenge journey.

12. Vert Far Breton (Dog Days)

Vert Far Breton (Dog Days)

She is blonde, emerald green is her attire and she unveils a green magical arrow. Tell me who is she? Yes! She is a bunny girl too!

Friends, it’s quite easy to guess her name! She is Vert Far Breton from the “Dog Days” manga series.

Her fans talk a lot about her beauty and might and keeps mum when it comes to her canny trait!  Understood! She has got little to less intellect yet her charming personality and archery skills rules the hearts of the anime fans.

11. Charlotte E. Yeager (Strike Witches)

Charlotte E. Yeager (Strike Witches)

Wants to visualize the speed, Charlotte E.Yeager justifies this bunny trait! Known for her tallness and extreme pace, she turns out to be a perfect witch striker.

Mostly talked about her daring outfits and being an aircraft rider, she remains on the tip of her fans tongue! Her profession calls for her fighting spirit and speed becomes the only need to keep her going.

I bet you will not regret watching “Strike Witches” for the marvelous sound breaking speed of the Charlotte E. Yeager and her playful bunny nature too!

10. Mina Tsukuda (Lunar Weapon Bunny Mina)

Mina Tsukuda (Lunar Weapon Bunny Mina)

This teenager is catching the viewers attention with her carrots boosters!  Hilarious yet so imaginative!

I am talking about  Mina Tsukuda who appears to be as tall as a tree. Her flat face makes her a less approachable person. And the two carrot fueled stimulators, will make you mock her sturdy looks.

Did I mention that her carrots are magical and transform her into a bunny girl  from a normal girl? One more secret, her fights are as interesting as her love interest!

Friends! Do watch her as she unveils her superpowers to defeat evil in the Lunar Weapon Bunny Mina manga series.

9. Kurousagi (Mondaiji-tachi Ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu Yo?)

Kurousagi (Mondaiji-tachi Ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu Yo_)

This moon rabbit is ringing the bells of the anime world. With her swirling long blue hairs and to the perfect bunny ears, she is creating a visual appeal to her viewers.

Meet Kurousagi from the “Mondaiji- tachi Ga Isekai Kara Kara Sou Desu Yo?” manga series. Proudly called as Black Rabbit, she appears in black short dress. Caring at her heart, she fights for others rights  and finds solace in their peace! What a gem of goodness!

It’s truly fun to watch her when she moves as her bluish hair resonates with her enchanting tactics!

8. Sylvie (How Not to Summon A Demon Lord)

Sylvie (How Not to Summon A Demon Lord)

Meet the mysterious bunny girl who can block the supernatural blow of the opponents!

She is none other than Sylvie from the “How not to Summon a Demon Lord” manga series. As the title suggests, you will find a lot of supernatural entities and mysteries in the story. And Sylvie being a magical bunny has got the role to fight the evil.

The story line may seem ordinary and predictable, her red short hair, long brown bunny ears and iconic outfits will keep you glued to your seat!

7. Reisen Udongein Inaba (A Summer Day’s Dream)

Reisen Udongein Inaba (A Summer Day Dream)

Dive in the purpleMeet this magnificent bunny girl from the moon!

Her long purple hairs and the long bunny ears are her distinguishing traits. She appears to be a mysterious girl with mystic powers. Her mind shooting waves to attack the opponents are unique and makes her a compelling character.

Curious to know what she is doing on earth? Well, she fled from the moon to save her life and lives as a refugee here.

Do watch her in “A Summer Day’s Dream” as her story is as catching as her playful look!

6. Carrot (One Piece)

Carrot (One Piece)

She is really tall and not that pretty! She lacks cuteness!

What’s remarkable about her is her rabbit-like nose and lips.Apart from this, her pom-pom-like tail will make you visualize like a rabbit!  She is a true rabbit and ranks ahead in bunny traits in the anime world.

Don’t go by her mushy bunny look, she turns out to be a devil when incited. Like wild animals, she fiercely gnaws at her opponent. She is less human and more superhuman!

Watch her caring and protective personality in the “One Piece” as she embarks on her combat journey. Watch out for her super white form, it may aghast you if you have ever glanced at her blood-red eyes!

5. Haru (Beastars)

Haru (Beastars)

Hold on friends on number four, we have found a complete rabbit standing on her two feet and acting like a girl!

I am talking about Haru from the “Beastars” manga series. She is white, has a complete rabbit face and resembles human-girl! From where she belongs, the rest of the characters appear to be like one or the other animal.

She is timid, playful and one in need of constant protection. She is a student at the university and often reflects the timidity of the dwarf rabbits.

Watch her for her playful nature and adorable traits too, as she turns out to be quite erudite in love-life too!

4. Tabane Shinonono (Infinite Stratos)

Tabane Shinonono (Infinite Stratos)

Hey! Meet this happy-go-lucky bunny girl who is always ready to make everyone happy!

Tabane Shinonono has made a perfect mark in the anime world owing to her jolly nature and pretty looks! Her folded bunny ears and her recurrent  hand’s victory style gives a hint of it. Her childish nature and innocence makes her a pious being.

Watch for her story in the Infinite Stratos, it is as captivating as her charismatic persona.

3. Mirko (My Hero Academia)

Mirko (My Hero Academia)

When you see a girl in danger and if she smiles, she is pretty sure to kick that situation and turn it to her favor.

This quirk is a distinguishing trait of Mirko from “My Hero Academia” anime. Her powerful legs grant her speed and astonishing jumps whereas her bunny ears makes her a sharp listener. Her muscular body makes her a powerful combatant.

Watch her for her sharp moves, she may paralyze the opponent in a single blow. This belligerent black beauty is a must watch if you have taste for bunny girls.

2. Shea Haulia (Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest)

Shea Haulia (Arifureta From Commonplace to World Strongest)

As we move further in the list, you will find enchantress in the bunny form!

Shea Haulia, what an eye-catching blue beauty! Everything about her is blue. Blue eyes, blue hairs and bluish dress.

Her beauty and her courage goes hand in hand. She is an excellent warrior. Have you seen her unique weapon, she may hit it hard to stash you in a flat disc, if provoked!

A remarkable beauty with captivating quirks in the “Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest” manga series.

1. Mai Sakurajima (Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai)

Mai Sakurajima (Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai)

Who brags the number one title? Obviously the one with all the noble attributes!  Right?

Meet Mai Sakurajima from the “Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai” manga series. She has got black bunny ears! She is wise, sharp, caring and daring too!

Her sophisticated urbane look will definitely make you seek more for her interesting story. Don’t skip her, she falls on the number one list of our Best Bunny girls of the year 2023!

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