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Best Warrior Girls That Took War to Another Level

Action and war anime shows are my favorite and best anime genres, and I know some of you agree with me.

There is only one thing that makes me sad, though: you all prefer guys and boys on the battlefield; what about the girls? Okay, let me tell you what men and women can do better. Don’t take it personally; I am just kidding.

Let’s start our journey of girl warriors in anime shows without wasting much of your time, my lovely and amazing audience. And please don’t forget to tell me who is your favorite in the comment section below.

24. Android 18

Android 18

Should I say she’s something or someone you never want to mess with? Someone will be better, though she is a robot, but one of a kind.

Some are starting to wonder what’s so special about a robot. Oh, come on, this one would thrash the hell out of you. She’s one of those girls you are scared of in real life.

This time, she was in a fight with Vegeta, only to make Vegeta lose his dignity. He was defeated home and away, just like an infant trying to escape from the whipping of the parents.

23. Balsa Yonsa

Balsa Yonsa

This girl is a sympathetic and serious person. I also wonder how she managed to have two contrasting personalities. Despite being strong and powerful, she dislikes and opposes brute force, let alone brutality.

Balsa is one of the quietest anime characters, which might make her unfamiliar to most anime lovers. However, she’s someone who speaks out her emotions; she knows how to express herself.

She remained the best fighter in her circle despite the challenges she was going through. Balsa had her unique ways of using weapons no one could try. Defeating Balsa is a mission impossible.

22. Maka Albarn

Maka Albarn

Guys, don’t tell me you have never heard of this girl; no offense, but you can’t love anime without knowing about Maka. She’s one of the most extremely powerful warriors. Maka used her weapon, which gave a feeling of sensation, and the two had a strong and loyal bond.

She’s adorable and extremely likable, even as a little girl. This little girl is not hesitant or scared of facing whatever comes her way.

Maka is the leading character of the series Soul Eater; undoubtedly, she’s more like the subject of the series. Whatever problem or challenge comes her way, she’s ever prepared.

21. Claire


She is among the most inspiring girls on my warriors’ list, and I guess you want to know why. Anyways, let me tell you let me show off; she was the worst in her circle, but suddenly, she became the best.

This amazing warrior was able to make use of her abilities and capabilities to improve her strength. What I love most about her is her strong senses, which helped her grow her talents.

It was not easy, but what’s harder than becoming a warrior? I am amazed by how she keeps being more powerful and mastering her skills.

I bet you all have fallen in love with her; she’s unique, and those familiar with her can confirm that.

20. Shalltear Bloodfallen

Shalltear Bloodfallen

Guys, I don’t know where to begin; I doubt this girl was a mere girl but a monster. She’s durable and resistant; this made me like this girl.

Her ability to fight is beyond words; I can’t explain how she did it; I just can’t. Imagine how she rocked the battlefield to the extent that Ainz asked for his friends’ powers.

Even with those powers, it was not possible to win over Shalltear. This girl is more than dangerous, as reflected by how Ainz had to use some tricks to defeat her.

19. Irina Jelavic

Irina Jelavic

Imagine being a girl and you rank among the best assassins worldwide. She is a real badass, this one, trust me; I wonder how she schemes her plans.

Irina does not require any physical or mental strain to kill someone; how? She believes in working smart, not hard, so she has some skills.

Irina is good at luring and has some skillful manners of controlling men just to get them close to her. And guess what? That was every man’s dead end because Irina is irresistible. Her strength and schemes remain admirable.

Irina is the best for those who are fond of anime badass characters.

18. Tsunade


Her efforts and consistency and her desire to be strong are admirable. This girl was one of the worst people; she could not protect herself from small things. Guess what happened? She used to be criticized for being unable to perform physically demanding tasks.

Tsunade’s persistence and determination helped her grow into a superwoman. Let me tell you something great: she even became stronger than Sakura.

She is more than capable of withstanding pressure or any form of damage. Isn’t it amazing? Yeah, I know it is, and it makes her a widow.

17. Rem


OMG, this one, please never mess with, let alone cross her path; she will kill ruthlessly and mercilessly. She is very ruthless, and she doesn’t feel any remorse for her actions.

The funny part about Rem is that she was easily frightened, had no courage, and lacked confidence. But all of a sudden, she started showing her true self, and believe me, guys, she was a real nightmare.

16. Sango


Imagine how fantastic this girl is; her only weapon is a flat, curved piece of bones that can be thrown and returned to the thrower. Sango is a girl who lives in the real world with no fantasies, magic, or supernatural powers, only her skills.

She mastered the skill of fighting; she’s just unstoppable and undefeated. I only root for this because she uses her natural power and skills. And don’t tell me that you don’t get that positive feeling after watching her doing the most.

15. Saber


This one is crazy; some of the things she did without consciousness but just responded to the action that triggered it were deadly. She seemed to have proof against magic, which meant that magic could not work on her.

Saber is a famous and reputable leader; this girl surprises me. She was a leader of men. She would be the foremost and advancing part of her group on the battlefield. This girl also possesses King Arthur’s magical sword, which is extremely powerful.

14. Mereoleona Vermillion 

Mereoleona Vermillion

No one can get to this girl; the way she could be brain-sick and fight like someone mentally unstable is unbeatable. She had a unique style of fighting, which guaranteed her a stronghold in battle.

Mereoleona also grooms other fighters through her intense training camps, guaranteeing more powerful soldiers. She’s a respected person because of her abilities and capabilities.

13. Casca


Have you ever felt used before and suddenly you become the leader? I mean, you know the feeling. Casca became the contrast to herself after becoming the leader of the Hawks.

She is an inspirational character who showed what it means to be a leader. Before Casca became the leader, she was used for others’ interests and benefits.

Only one thing amazes me: the group remained intact because of her. Being a leader was her actual and exact place. What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below.

12. Yokko Littner

Yokko Littner

She attracts, influences, and inspires people by her personal qualities. Yokko is one of the most tolerant and sympathetic characters. This girl is also emotionally stable, which helps her not divert her attention to petty and unnecessary things.

Yokko does not require a mechanism or anything special; she only wants a gun, and it’s done. She takes charge and control of everything that she does or anything going on. Unlike other girls, she does not allow situations to take charge.

11. Akame


This girl is a real badass; no one could stand the violence when she released and unrestrained her abilities. She becomes so wild, and she roars like a lion in battle.

The show she featured was full of amazing and powerful characters, but Akame takes the trophy. These characters were not nervous even after losing a body part on the battlefield.

Akame was too powerful to be defeated; this made her outstanding. Rurouni seemed to have the same ability as Akame but could not stand Akame.

10. Kallen Stadtfelt

Kallen Stadtfelt

She is an amazing and smart character living a double life. Kallen is a student who appears to be quiet, gentle, truthful, and sincere. On the other hand, he is a badass on the battlefield, holding a gun like a pen and mercilessly killing people.

She’s one of a kind. Even on the battlefield, she doesn’t require anyone’s protection. She knows how to handle herself.

9. Milim Nava

Milim Nava

She is a cheerful and lively young girl still in her teens. But this can’t stop her from being a powerful teenager. Despite her immature and silly behavior, she was perfect in power and wisdom. Her fighting skills are so advanced, and she is a warrior with no doubt.

8. Tanya Degurechaff

Tanya Degurechaff

She’s one of the most aggressive and cold-hearted warriors. She dislikes those who uphold and believe in communism. This one will keep you on the edge of your seat, trying to understand her moves and schemes.

Tanya is not ashamed and feels no remorse for punishing her members if they misbehave. She is also capable of being a one-person army. On her own, without anyone else’s help, she defeated different groups countless times.

7. Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock

She is an attractive and seductive woman in the show. Boa is also likely to cause distress or disaster to a man who becomes involved with her. That’s exactly her nature, and disaster should be in capital letters.

Boa is a sovereign ruler of great power and rank, ruling the Amazon tribe. Everyone highly appreciates and respects her, but the bungee boys are an exception. As an empress, she ensures that her people are safe and everything goes well.

6. Asuna


She is a delightful, marvelous, and admirably designed character. Asuna deeply desires to find challengers and then put them in place. I love her confidence and high self-esteem and the way she gave herself the title of the best swordsman.

It shows how Asuna did not need anyone’s validation concerning her decisions. Do you think she was too full of herself? Let me know in the comment section below.

5. Maki Oze

Maki Oze

She has her role models or people she looks up to when making decisions and implementing her skills. Maki is ridiculous, but no one can defeat her, no matter what. The most notable and fascinating thing about Maki is that she does not rely on her power but herself.

This girl at first underestimated her power and never knew she could be so exceptional. She is portrayed to be so much into what the future holds for her and so much civilized.

4. Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet

She is a strong magician who knows how to wield a sword. She uses her magic to engage in situations that require her to use it. Erza uses deceit and evasion to get what she desires and defeat others.

This girl had many different types of armor, which she would enable using her magic. Imagine fighting in battle with someone who can change the armor; that’s the typical Erza.

3. Asuka Langley

Asuka Langley

Have you ever imagined a single girl taking down a large group of those against her? Well, that is Asuka. Asuka is beyond capable of fighting but is a super warrior. Unlike some of the warriors on this list, she was not trained to do or taught fighting. She was born and raised as a warrior, and that was her whole life.

Asuka can also qualify on the list of the most stubborn and arrogant anime girls; I know you all agree with me. No one can stop her because her passion for fighting isn’t honest.

2. Mikasa


She is unpredictable because she tends to act without consciousness. It allows her to rank on my list of warrior girls characters in the anime world.

I just realized that her friends were her weakness if you want to trigger her mess with her friends. She would go crazy on her friends and take every possible measure to protect them. She joined the army and was the most powerful soldier in the whole army.

This girl never ceased to amaze; imagine she had skills no one else could imitate. Mikasa is a focused girl, and she is compassionate.

1. Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke

This one I was never going to miss out on my list because she is one of the best anime girl characters warriors. Imagine someone who is born ready for the battlefield and highly ruthless. Mononoke would go the extra mile to ensure her people were safe.

I would have said sacrificing herself, but she used to come back from war safe and sound. She was a timid princess and good at exploiting others for her home’s benefit.

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