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Best Brunette Anime Girls Loved by The Entire Anime Fandom

Anime is a world of beautiful and hot chicks. There are all different characters and different beauty standards. Some have red, pink, orange hair, any color you might think of.

Today, I’m piling a list for you highlighting the most attractive anime girls with brown hair, who will make your night restless for sure!

The girls I’ve listed over here are having different personalities, some being very dominant and mischievous, while a few being truly humble.

See, these are my personal choices, and if you feel you’ve got any other suggestions, then please do comment below.

1. Aina Kuronuma

Aina Kuronuma

Aina, the beautiful girl ties her hair in unique pigtails which gives a gorgeous and amazing look. She had medium length light brown hair. She also possesses reddish-brown eyes.

At some point the hair is deep yellow or gold, depending on the lighting. She wears a shorter skirt which is odd. The skirt reveals her thighs due to its length. She puts on tight white stockings and matching white shoes.

Her first appearance in the anime series was in “When They Cry”. Sometimes she leaves home to find peace and comfort. She lives with her grandparents, in a small town Hinamizawa.

She made use of her gift with her friend Rena Ryuuguu by her side. They went through good and bad times together. Aina’s gift also helped create bonds with people around her. She gave a listening ear and helped those in need.

2. Chisato Higuchi

Chisato Higuchi

She has her unique bangs and short hair. She’s also a brunette from Japanese descent. Her thick eyelashes and eyebrows make herlook decent. She has cute oval eyes and a cat-like mouth.

She’s a comforter to her siblings all the time. She’s good at giving a listening ear. Chisato is also a singer who is gifted and usually sings for her friends and family.

There is something I’m yet to understand about this girl Chisato Higuchi. The brunette was older than her mother when she was born. Are you not confused as well?

3. Chisa Kotegawa

Chisa Kotegawa

This high school student is pretty intelligent and beautiful. She’s from Death Note, a famous anime series. This fellow is somehow naive and a big hearted person.

Despite being so naive she cares and is very much concerned about her close ones. She published Lori as her boyfriend though it was fake. The reason behind being that she doesn’t like guys coming to her.

She’s the younger sister of Nanaka Lotegawa and cousins with Iori Kitahara. She’s fond of diving and she’s also in her first year at Izu University.

She proves to be very interesting for many readers. She has a complex personality that makes her more stunning. However, she’s a loyal friend and always does what she believes is right. Grab your copy and let it flow.

4. Kayo Hinazuki

Kayo Hinazuki

She’s a loner, for some reasons concerning her life. She’s also amongst the three original victims of Gaku Yashiro’s kidnapping and killing.

Kayo is also amongst the best anime characters. She is a brown haired, strong and independent anime girl. There’s something that makes her more unique which is her tragic backstory.

She seemed not to be fond of her backstory even though it dragged viewers’ attention. The way she is a loner makes me feel like she was too secretive. What do you think?

5. Izumi Akazawa

Izumi Akazawa

She’s a woman of average height and has long hair. Izumi is fair in complexion and a young beautiful woman. She possesses cute brown eyes. The bangs of her hair are swept to the left side and two strands of hair hanging down.

She is a strong, straight forward leader of Countermeasures at Yomiyana Middle School’s 3rd class. She’s a responsible leader and ready to take responsibility for her mistake. However, she appears to be tough whilst she’s very cool and tender. She’s also a blunt person in nature.

If you are looking for a dominating anime girl, Izumi Akazawa is the perfect match. She tries to paint a tough picture of herself, but deep down she’s a tender person.

6. Momozono Nanami

Momozono Nanami

She’s the leading character in the series Kamisama Kiss. After her father ran away with her money, she was taken in by a fox spirit. She’s a fair girl in complexion with hot cheeks, chocolate brown eyes. Her beauty is also added with her long dark brown hair.

She captured the attention and hearts of every supernatural creature that comes her way. However she was overlooked by human boys in an odd way. The reason why she was given an odd look was because of her appearance.

7. Nadeko Sengoku 

Nadeko Sengoku

She is a girl with dark brown hair which is also shown to be black in novels. Nadeko is a young girl who also has a nice body. She puts on outfits that are designed to hide the scars that are on her body.

She has long fringes that cover her eyes. At some point it is assumed that her cap represents the snake that cursed her. She was big part of Bakenomogarati series.

Nadeko mostly solves supernatural problems with the aid of her powers. She’s a powerful  witch, which makes her different from other students.

Nadeko always manages to win, whether she’s fighting evil spirits or fighting for her friends. She is a renowned anime brown haired girl.

She also has another series Nadeko Snake which is more of her witch adventures. Nadeko was also cursed by a certain snake. Are you curious to know? If you are, grab a copy and do not forget to thank me later.

8. Maki Oze

Maki Oze

Maki is an amazing girl, with unique ways of keeping her long brown hair off her shoulders. Are you looking for a chic way of styling your hair? Then you are definitely going to like Maki!

She featured in Fire Force, an anime series. She is so fond of her job and does whatever it takes to protect her teammates. Maki is known for her agility and incredible strength.

Being a firefighter shows how she was brave and courageous. This also shows how capable she was when it comes to handling situations. She even made a vow for people she wants to serve.

9. Ritsu Tainaka 

Ritsu Tainaka

She is one of those who have confusing hair colors. Her hair is in between dirty blonde-light brown. Her hazel eyes are similar to her hair. She has two locks that fall and touch her shoulders.

What makes Ritsu unique is her smile. She always puts on a smile no matter what’s going on, even if her life is upside down. She gives positive energy and vibes.

Ritsu is shown to be fond of yellow color when it comes to hairbands. She often uses objects to hold her hair. She has bangs that reach her nose and she barely holds a ponytail.

10. Satomi Murano

Satomi Murano

Satomi is a beauty with brown hair and brown eyes. She is mostly wearing elegant Japanese clothes because she’s from a rich family.

Satomi is a teenager who is cheerful, tender hearted and thoughtful. These attributes make her unique. Despite growing up in a wealthy family, Satomi was gentle.

She was a good friend of the leading character, Shinichi Izumi and eventually fell in love with him. What makes Satomi a good friend? It’s her ability to give a listening ear.

11. Viktoriya Ivanovana

Viktoriya Ivanovana

Vika is the name that she is commonly known by ( could it be her nickname or what?) . In the series Kaze no Stigma, she was the main character. She was a daughter to Viktor Serebryakov, the late head of Serebryakov family,.

She has an hourglass body structure and blue eyes which enhances her beauty.  She has flawless glowing skin, which enhances her beauty and makes her shine.

She also appeared to have some differences in her appearance in a light novel. She had green eyes but the rest was the same. What could be the reason? Are you not confused?

She’s always spotted in her officer uniform in civilian places. During her combat mission, she wears a battle suit.

12. Ichinose Shiki

Ichinose Shiki

She’s a mistress of longer bangs which makes her a cute style. Are you looking for a way to style your bangs? Then copy her style.

She’s big -hearted and is always taking care of her friends. She’s also an amazing musician, reserved and a shy character. She’s from the anime series “The IDOLM@STER”.

She has brown hair that she styles pairing the long bangs with long layers that are around her shoulder.  It never looks old fashioned or dull but unique and neat. With her pair of blue eyes sparkling.

But is it possible that a shy person can do music? How? I know you all have the same questions. Grab your copy of iDOLM@STER.

13. Anime Ponytail

Anime Ponytail

Anime girls are always stunning and rocking whether they tie their hair up or down. Ponytails in anime series are regarded as a sign of purity and innocence.

A ponytail in anime series is mostly held by a clip to secure the hold. The eyebrows are barely brushed by the thick bangs. Mostly in anime series the color of the hair can portray various personalities. For example a ponytail is the most famous hairstyle for brown haired anime girls.

14. Yu Gi Oh 

Yu Gi Oh

She is from one of the amazing anime series, Yu-Gi-Oh. She’s a talented duelist and a student at Domino High School. She possesses the best brown hair amongst the anime girls.

Her way of styling her hair makes her appear as a show off girl. That way leaves a glimpse of her brown eyes showing. This also gives her a better way of taking care of the hair especially during the cut.

She is a brave girl who is not ashamed of her beliefs and stands up for her friends. She’s a person with a big heart.

Are you looking for a role model? If you are Yu Gi Oh is one of the best role models you might think of.

15. Nanami Nami

Nanami Nami

Her first appearance was in Gintama, a sketch series comedy. She is one of the brown haired unique anime girls.  She is different from typical anime girls.

What makes her unique is her playful personality and her big eyes. The fact that she appeared in a sketch series comedy gives a comic character. This comic character is perfect for comedy lovers.

She’s the same Cat Burglar, the fictional character from a franchise by Eiichiro Oda. Is Cat Burglar her nickname or what? Where did the name Cat Burglar come from?

She was introduced as a thief who possessed navigational, cartographical and meteorological skills. Nami joined Monkey D. Luffy after leaving Along the fishman.

She’s capable of doing most of the unexpected things, which is something that catches the audience’s attention. Nami possesses a positive vibe that can make your day, no doubt about that. She is also the best of all time. If you have been looking for something that can make your day, Nami is best at it.

16. Suiseiseki Rozen

Suiseiseki Rozen

She is mostly considered to be amongst the favorite characters. Thanks to her curly brown hair and green eyes that got her that rank. She featured in the anime series “ Rozen Maiden.”

Due to her mismatching eyes, she’s considered to have heterochromia. This means she has eyes of different colors; the left one is green and right is red.

She puts on her long green Victorian era dress. She also puts on a black corset over a white blouse. The dress has a black ribbon around the neck and a white collar.  But why Victorian era dress?

She seems to be a girl fond of colors, green and red eyes, green dress, white collar and black ribbon. This is my own opinion. Do you agree with me?

17. Yukiji


She is a teacher with a good sense of humor, she sometimes gets humorous with her students. She featured in the series Azumanga Daioh.

Yukiji is a woman of mixed characters, she is sometimes cruel, very cold and helpful. However she is kind hearted and very composed. Someone cruel and kind at the same time, have you ever heard of such a person?

She’s one of the smart characters brain wise not in terms of tidiness. Her hair is always messy. However, a lot of men are after her because of her beauty. This  then leaves me with a question; if she always keeps her hair messy, what exactly did men want from a dirty person like her?

Maybe men wanted her kind heart, because she is also a person who is more than willing to help others.

18. Tokizaki Maya

Tokizaki Maya

She’s an independent character, who has a fiery personality. She is a beautiful brown haired girl, who gets herself into trouble most of the time.

The reason being that she is brave and courageous to say out her mind. It also seems like Tokizaki can’t just keep her mouth shut. Whenever she feels like she’s oppressed or suppressed she speaks her thoughts.

Tokizaki is a junior student at Hoshioka Gakuen. She is also considered a bad student by other students. Leaving early at school and coming late for school are her habits.

She doesn’t mind despite the fact that her classmates distance themselves from her. This thing also gives her a whole vibe because she is free spirited. Tokizaki is also shown not to be shaken by what others think about her.

She was also regarded as a genius child actress. This was because she was an actress when she was still young. She had several roles in different TV shows and had the stage name, Misaki Maya.

In my own opinion I think she doesn’t like talking about her past. The reason being that neither does she allow anyone to ask about it nor does she mention about her actress past.

19. Nagisa Farukawa

Nagisa Farukawa

She’s a good example of brown haired characters from Clannad. Nagisa is always there for her family and friends whenever they need her. She’s a caring and kind person.

She had ways of styling her hair with highly textured layers. These layers kept her hair from being drab and falling flat.

What about the bangs? They made the whole look gorgeous and made her hot and chic. They fell around her face and the eyes. Isn’t the look just perfect?

20. Nyarko San

Nyarko San

She’s an energetic and lively character in every situation which gives a positive vibe to the viewers. Whenever Nyarko is around, everything is under control.

This is because she is lively and can take care of any situation. Nyarko is also the number one character when it comes to lovable and outstanding characters. She is also amongst the best brown haired anime girls.

She’s also unique in a certain way because she does not hold a ponytail all the time. Nyarko also sometimes lets her hair fall, this makes her look outstanding.

She’s an optimistic and cheerful girl whether she’s with her friends or fighting evil. All this makes her a great anime character as she attracts viewers’  attention.

She is the definition of uniqueness when it comes to anime girls because she is totally different. If you are looking for an outstanding anime girl with a lovable character, Nyarko is perfect.

21. Asuna Chan

Asuna Chan

She is kind hearted and is always caring for others. She’s a top anime brown haired character. Asuna helps her team in the battle despite being a girl because she is super strong.

In my own opinion,she deserves to be a real life princess because she rocks like one. She is one of the most amazing anime characters.

She possesses unique warrior skills. If you have been looking for an anime actress who knows how to play with a sword, Asuna is a perfect match.

22. Yui Hirasawa

Yui Hirasawa

She’s a talented musician who sings in her high school’s light music club. Yui also knows how to play the guitar. She is a beautiful, brown haired girl who featured in K-On, an anime series.

She is the leading guitar player of the Light Music Club, which also makes her a guitarist. She is most carried away by trivialities. This shows how much Yui easily loses focus.

Mostly she gets poor grades at school but when coached she can do better. This shows that she puts more effort and spends more time on music. This therefore leaves her studies unattended.

She’s fond of sweets and is always having sweets. Yui has two yellow hair clips that she uses on her shoulder length brown hair. She also possesses a cute pair of brown eyes.

23. Aika Fuwa

Aika Fuwa

She’s a confident, famous student of the anime series, Zetsuen no Tempest. She is fashionable and always noticeable amongst crowds. She also has short brown hair.

She was mercilessly killed and was a sister to Mahiro. Quoting famous books such as The Tempest and Hamlet by William Shakespeare was her hobby.

The rescue of the world from the Tree of Beginnings was supposed to be triggered by Hakaze’s action. The action was informing the comrades and her clanmates the truth behind Aika’s death.

What could be the truth behind Aika’s death? Is Hazake also involved? There was the formation of a plan on how to defeat the Tree of Beginnings.

24. Natsume Haru

Natsume Haru

She is a girl who knows how to fight and was raised by a yakuza family. Natsume is also a beautiful and pretty brown haired girl. Imagine having a beautiful face and possessing good fighting skills. This makes her different from other anime brown haired girls.

She has unique grown up styles and ways of styling her hair. Some of the styles which give her a fun look for a special occasion.

She has some tricks with her hair which gives her a gorgeous look. Despite the fact that it sometimes takes a little time to make her hair, she is always on point.

Natsume finally met a strong and kind hearted guy named Tatsuya. I guess finally she has found happiness, what do you think?

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