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17 best anime characters with purple hair picked by Otakus

Today, let’s talk about the most interesting topic you have ever come across. We will see why the anime community is usually interested in using the purple hair color for their casts in most anime series.

Purple hair color has great significance. Most times, as we have predicted, and I’m sure you will agree that the characters with lighter colors are usually so friendly and meek; they always have a sense of humor in them.

Meanwhile, the ones with intense purple hair can be so arrogant and full of pride that they are usually annoying and wicked. We will bring some of the exceptional characters that fit the criteria of having purple hair picked by Otakus. It’s going to be fun, trust me.

Since some of the purple hair anime can be mysterious and wicked, one special characteristic about them is that they are rare and not seen randomly. Most of the action-packed anime characters have this kind of hair.

Here on our list, we will look at the 17 of them with no time to dull guys. Let’s have fun as we see the various anime characters with purple hair, and also, we are going to be looking at their attitude and the roles they played. Here we go

1. Yoruichi Shihōin

Yoruichi Shihōin

She is so smart and tricky at the same time; this very anime has so many abilities, which we will be looking out for as you read on. Let’s start from her better side. She has gained a lot of popularity for her unique role.

This anime was nicknamed “The Goddess of Lightning Strike”, which also means Shunshin in Japanese culture’s way of naming people. I know you might also wonder why her name is Yoruichi.

That’s because she has a supernatural speed and can be so fast that she can even race with Usain Bolt, as she is charming. Just kidding, but notwithstanding, our character is so unique.

Now let’s talk about the dark part of Yoruichi; if it’s in real-life scenarios, what she did is prosecutable in a court of law. She was using a male voice to communicate with others instead of using the inborn voice she was created with.

It was also discovered that she was a military personnel who just retired. She was captain of the 2nd division of the 22nd head of her community. She has a lovely family.

Of course, we all know why she made it to our list: her purple hair. However, after Kisuke Urahara was Banished, she also vanished because she was afraid they would send her packing too. The exile lasted a while because the whole community was just looking for her.

2. Misato Katsuragi (Evangelion)

Misato Katsuragi (Evangelion)

If you love anime, you might be confused about why this character is mentioned here because of her chameleon nature; she changes appearance often. But more interestingly, this makes her extremely super related.

Just like some of us, we want to be good outside so that people will not see us as bad eggs, the same way our Misato is a bad bitch at home; she takes intoxicated drinks and eats like a foody. Imagine eating all kinds of food that comes your way. That’s exactly what this character does.

Now let me shock you, our bad bitch inside is a very calm angel outside; when you see her outside could mistake her for being an angel that fell from heaven.

3. Nemu Kurotsuchi

Nemu Kurotsuchi

Nemu is an Ai character who was created to be a helping hand in the military; as she even holds the position of lieutenant of Gotel 13, Her unique role has captured the viewer’s heart and inspired their life.

We have seen most anime characters, especially the ones with purple hair, how they can be so wicked and soul-reaping, but here we have Nemu who has a charming spirit and the ability to let go of her offenders.

4. Yuki Nagato (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

Yuki Nagato (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

Yuki Nagato is one of the most unique anime characters with lilac hair. You can’t hear her clearly when she talks because she talks with a dull intonation.

Unlike other anime that talk like parrots, Yuki barely speaks, and even when she does, it usually goes with signs so her audience can understand her.

We can compare her with a talking radio with a low battery; the way it sounds so dull and slow due to the limitation in communication, she finds it difficult to express herself.

But secretly, Yuki is so interesting and sweet as she keeps herself busy playing video games and having lots of fun with others. The kind of slowness Yuki acquires sometimes can be so boring, but her role in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya made fans all over the world love her.

5. Hitagi Senjougahara (Bakemonogatari)

Hitagi Senjougahara (Bakemonogatari)

Hitagi is another amazing character on our list, considered one of the best and most loved purple-haired anime characters. Now, despite her challenges and disappointment, she remains consistent and hardworking. Her character made so many anime lovers fixate there gazed upon her through the series Bakemonogatari.

Have you ever seen a parrot talk? If yes, then you can relate to how this amazing character talks; her tongue is sharper than a sword that can be used to stutter enemies at war.

But one thing you can’t take away from her is the level of how fast she grows. Her growth was like that of a crop in that fertilizer was used. Her boyfriend’s name is Aragagi. Hitagi is among many that if you talk to her in a way that doesn’t suit her, she replies with full force. And she is always ready to pick a fight with you.

6. Saeko Busujima (Highschool of the Dead) 

Saeko Busujima (Highschool of the Dead)

Let me leak an update for you now; any time you find yourself in a hot seat and do not have anyone to come and help you, probably the one holding you is much more powerful in terms of physicality than you; fear not, as I introduce to you a dreadful character who uses her fighting skills to save others that are in a difficult situation.

You might think she is always like that; no, not at all. Saeko can be so sweet at some point. But she drives pleasure and joy in fighting.

7. Sheele


Here, we have another purple-haired anime character with a unique and softhearted personality. But at the same time, she has an innocent-looking face that can be so deceptive that if you don’t know her, you might consider her a foolish or naive girl. Meanwhile, she can be so dangerous.

She joined a group that calls themselves the Night Raid. Her character depicts the popular saying of referring someone as a green snake in green grass; you can’t predict her next move.

One thing I love about Sheele is how good-looking purple her hair is and how unique it blends with her eyeballs. These made her look so extraordinary and more finer than others.

8. Minene Uryuu (Future Diary) 

Minene Uryuu (Future Diary)

We saw this character from a popular series called Future Diary, as she portrays the character of a psychopath and a hoodlum.

I know you must be asking right there in your heart: why someone wille be this mean and wicked? Her action is due to what she has passed through in life and how, if she remembers those memories, she gets hurt and tries to do something drastic, which often leads to violence, creating a lot of damage.

9. Nancy Makuhari

Nancy Makuhari

Only the appearance of Nancy can make anyone fall in love with her. But she might appear so scary when you meet her in action. But her physical appearance is extraordinary as she can lift heavy weights like just a piece of paper; she is the superwoman of the anime community.

She might appear so tiny, but she has very big gods. She fights with dangerous weapons such as Glock 18 machine pistols and other rifles that can be so sophisticated.

Her height alone can be so scary as she touches the poles, and her eyes are that of someone who just got high on drugs as their colours are red-brown.

10. Hifumi Takimoto (New Game!) 

Hifumi Takimoto (New Game!)

We have on our list one of the most adorable anime ever; I’m pretty sure if you are familiar with most of the faces of the recent anime from the anime industry today, you will agree that Hifumi is such an interesting character.

Although you might not like her so much due to her natural behaviour when it comes to communication, she finds it difficult to stand in front of people to express herself.

One may say she is not good-looking or confident, but I think she is the opposite. She is so sweet. She loves communicating online rather than publicly or face-to-face.

Her purple hair is so pretty and wonderful that if I come out in the next world as an anime, I would rather play her role to look just like her.

11. Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop)

Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop)

Among all the anime that have made their way to our list of the best purple hares, I think Faye should take the trophy of being the best among them as she does not just have purple hair but is as cute as an angel.

Faye is good; you must check her out if you’re interested in purple-haired anime characters. This is where you might probably not like her (oops).

Our phenomenal anime here likes jumping from one spouse to another; well, again, this doesn’t mean anything to her as she is on a mission to fire and move on.

54 cryogenically, this is the amount of time she spent frozen, but when she arrived, she became one of the strong members of Bebop. I love her uniqueness afterwards and how charming she became.

12. Kagami Hiiragi (Lucky Star)

Kagami Hiiragi (Lucky Star)

From one of the most viewed anime ever (LuckyStar), This series has made a lot of waves in the anime industry as we have an interesting and powerful character from the series who happens to be on our list today. Let me briefly walk you through this series if you haven’t watched it.

Kagomi is one of the head casts from the series as she portrays the heart of a lion and stands for injustice no matter what. She also has a twin sister who is loving and courageous, just like her. But we chose her elder sister over her just because Kagomi always brings us that violent scene that is so interesting.

13. Kamishiro Rize (Tokyo Ghoul) 

Kamishiro Rize (Tokyo Ghoul)

Once upon a time in Tokyo, we saw a very beautiful anime character called Kamishiro, who also happens to have very long and beautiful purple hair. Kamishiro’s hair is so attractive and adorable. Everyone that comes across her always falls in love with her. Her beauty is irresistible, I bet you. You can’t see Kamishiro and turn your eyes off her.

Although she uses her beautiful hair to take advantage of other ghouls who reside within her jurisdiction, this scary attitude earned her an Alias “Binge Eater”.

You might have heard about her already, but let me bring you the other side of this beast. She doesn’t accept injustice and this alone gained her a massive love among all the anime fans worldwide.

14. Kotomi Ichinose (Clannad)

Kotomi Ichinose (Clannad)

The Interesting thing about Kotomi is her level of exposure when it comes to intellectual prowess. She is super awesome in terms of overall appearance. You are free to call her bookworm. This girl is extraordinary and can also be considered a genius. Kotomi won the hearts of so many anime fans around the world.

If you mention anime concerning any topic, our celebrity anime here will find herself at the top of the list. Although she has her flaws, such as the inability to socialize with people, she always seeks help from her closest friend Tomoya, who happens to be the contapart in her life.

She puts her through whenever Kotomi is undergoing difficult moments in her life, as she has had terrible experiences in the past. Nevertheless, the help she gets from her friends keeps her excelling and making way for herself, putting a lot of smiles on her face.

You know what I think Tomoya should be awarded. What do you think? She deserves it for being a good friend to our celebrity anime.

15. Toko Fukawa (Danganronpa)

Toko Fukawa (Danganronpa)

Toko Fukawa is one of the best anime characters loved and cherished by many anime fans. She is so cute and unique. Her appearance alone gave her all the credit she deserved to make it to our list.

Toko’s beauty radiates like the morning sun. Her purple hair and black uniform also give her so much beauty. When she also puts on glasses she becomes more cute and sweet.

But looking closely at her, she appears like someone going through a lot. Yes, this is true, and it’s because of the terrible situations she encountered growing up.

There came a time in this story that most anime lovers enjoyed, and this is the very point she finally connected with Komaru, and the two became compatible; from that moment, Toko became a happy girl throughout her life.

16. Aoi Yamada (Working!!)

Aoi Yamada (Working!!)

Sit back, guys, and enjoy the story of Aoi, who happens to be the last on our list today. Her character as an anime is so fascinating and heart-touching. We got to know that she is 15 years old and that her parents were consumed by fire during an outburst of fire.

This very incident has done a lot of damage to her mental well-being as she breaks down and feels traumatized each time she remembers it.

I’m sure you might feel for her already; wipe your tears, guys, because that story told us is false and unreal.

Again, she was introduced as Yamada in another scenario, although she never admitted it.

Now let’s be factual here for once as much as Aoi is one of the best anime characters with purple hair in the world that fans love. Also holds one of the most controversial stories when it comes to the world of anime fiction.

17. James


From Franchise: Pokémon, we have seen several amazing characters playing many important roles in this anime series. One of them is Jessie; Jessie happens to be born in one of the poorest homes ever.

But again, we have James, whose parents are so rich that they don’t know anything called poverty. The story had it that the people who took care of the Pokémon were James’ grandparents.

James decided to flee his parents out to another country so they wouldn’t keep forcing him to marry someone he did not love from the outset. His excuse was that the girl was domineering and wanted to change him from who he was into something else. He also said that the girl would put him off aristocratic protocols. S

o, to avoid all this, he decided not to marry her. Afterwards, James disassociated himself and went to study Pokémon; by the time he got there, he discovered that Jessie was also doing the same course. They both graduated with a disgraceful grade.

They both left the school and started pursuing what they were good at the bicycle gang. These two were so gifted in this to an extent that the entire team had no choice but to love them.

As this was not enough, Meowth was also their friend. The three of them teamed up together again and joined Team Rocket. He had a koffing that later transformed into Weezing; he puts this out to protect hunters.


Welcome to the end of the list of 17 best anime characters with purple hair. I’m sure you have learned so much from this story and more.

More especially, how to become confident and proud of who you are at all cost and to always stand for the truth and defend those who cannot speak for themself.

Our mission is to enlighten and entertain you with fascinating stories. For now, goodbye until we come your way next time.

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