You are currently viewing 17 stylish anime characters with orange hair

17 stylish anime characters with orange hair

As the title implies, we will examine 17 anime casts with orange-like hair. I’m pretty sure if you are an anime fan, you might have once upon a time come across one or more of these amazing characters with this special hair color. The anime characters from this very post are all unique and special. I’m not sure you can find them elsewhere.

As much as this color of hair might look charming and beautiful, it can also have deeper mysteries and meanings to the role they play. I know the color Orange might not be a favorite color for most people, but the diversity of color in anime spices up every scene.

Now let us dive into our topic as we explore the list of these wonderful characters and the roles the

1. Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki

I have read about so many fairy tales full of mysteries and disasters; if you love anime, you might have come in contact with this series “Bleach”, No.

Of episode 366, this series can freak you out as the main character here, Ichigo, is like the lion in the Jungle. Ichigo fights against Evil spirits and save-guard those who can’t save themselves from a dreadful spirit called Hollows.

There is something about this boy that interests me the most. He is so unique and perfect. As he goes about his daily life, some people will always admire the way he looks, especially his height and his coloured orange hair.

As funny as this may sound, whenever you look at the best orange-haired anime characters, the first character that should come to your mind is Ichigo. That number is always seen on his T-shirt. I think there must be a mystery behind that cloth.

Due to his temperament, he can easily remove someone’s teeth from his or her mouth. As a teenager, he has this superpower and does take sorry for a plea. His love language when you step on him is revenge.

On several occasions, he has tried his best to be a better person and stay away from trouble and fighting, but the more he tries, the more he gets upset and causes more harm. Don’t be like him, please. Let’s forget he is a champion of mask-wearing.

2. Pain/Nagato


Next on our list is Nagato, who happens to be the leader of a group called Akatsuki. This orange-coloured hair guy is so strong; he shows many traits of a good and fearless leader who puts his followers before his greed. His courage led him to rescue his people and defeat the beast from further destruction in shinobi society.

If everyone should emulate the character of Nagato, I’m pretty sure the world would be a better place. Some people go through traumatic situations just like our villain character did, where he experienced so much war and killings in the process that it wouldn’t have gone well for them.

But here we have Nagato whose aim is to eradicate this kind of social vices and restore peace and tranquility worldwide.

His people and community have been his top priority as he stands for them. His character is always so interesting and powerful in most anime series.

3. Kyo Sohma

Kyo Sohma

Here on our list, we have an amazing character who happens to be an amazing anime cast. His role is full of mysteries but quite interesting, as well as his dedication to making sure he is a good man as a father and always puts a smile on his lovely wife, Honda Tohru.

Some of you don’t believe Zodiac stuff, but this same spirit cursed our Orange-haired Kyo character.

This curse has chartered the life of Kyo as he now switches from his real personality into an orange-haired cat whenever a girl comes in contact with him. The brief history behind this mysterious curse upon Kyo was because of the misunderstanding between him and another rat called Sohma Yuki.

To make this story more interesting, Kyo challenged Akito Sohma to beat Sohma in a battle. I think the reason why he wanted this match badly was just to prove a point and let everyone know that Yuki was the cause of his predicaments. He also made a promise to release Akito, who is also a cat, from their dungeon as collateral for his proposal.

4. Nobara Kugisaki (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Nobara Kugisaki (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Another interesting anime character who made it into our list as one of the most stylish anime characters who have orange hair is Nobara. She is a unique character; her role in the series (Jujuksu Kaisen) is mind-blowing.

One of the most interesting things about her is her strength; her energy can be electrifying; this always makes her fans love and cherish any of the scenes she appears in as it has always been fun back to back.

5. Mereoleona Vermillion

Mereoleona Vermillion

In Black Clover anime, one of the orange-haired characters is also unique in her way. If you start mentioning the strongest animes ever, Mereoleona should be on the list, as her strength can be contrasted with that of horsepower.

She is quick to anger and can fight over simple issues; everything makes her upset, and instead of coming to you with words, she attacks you with her feast. But one good thing about her is that she is skilled in martial arts. I love her character.

6. Nishiki Nishio

Nishiki Nishio

For most lovers of anime am pretty sure you have the name Nishiki as he is one of the most famous and most loved anime characters with orange hair; he is the true definition of a saying that says, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” this guy appears to be a very decent and hardworking student, well although he is but Nishiki can be dangerous at the same time as he kills other ghouls from his clan that gives him info.

Do you know that Ken Kaneki also attended the same high institution, Nishiki? Due to Nishiki’s attitude and the kind of person he is, it becomes difficult for him to relate with humans; now, he dresses like a normal human being so people can communicate with him.

I don’t think you would ever believe that he can be a reasonable person for once; well, on the contrary, he is always perfect when it comes to his relationship.

Nishino Kimi happens to be his fiance. Initially, he was just a one-man squad, but as time goes by, he joins his friend Ken. I’m sure you remember that name from this story. They became one team.

7. Gildarts Clive

Gildarts Clive

Fairy Tails is one of the most popular and interesting anime series you can ever think about, as well. Here, a character from this wonderful story is most loved by his audience, as they consider him one of the finest and most handsome anime ever.

His muscles are so attractive, and his broad shoulders as well; if Gildarts should become a real human being today, I think most probably all the girls on the planet Earth will want him to be their man. He is not just handsome but also full of energy and extraordinary power.

After his wife divorced him, there has been so much speculation if Cana Alberona is a biological issue or not, but the fact is that he is Cana’s father.

Now, when it comes to physical contact that has to involve blood spilling out from someone, count Gilbarts out, though he can fight, but not to that extent. Another thing about him is that he can be tricky; let’s assume he is sitting for an exam and others are doing it the way you know.

Expect this guy to do it on his own; he would rather do malpractice than write like every other good student. I know by now you might have started relating with him.

8. Misty (Pokémon)

Misty (Pokémon)

This might sound like a real-life story, but let me take you through a character named Misty. He has very beautiful sisters, Ash and Brock, but he has a stronger connection with Ash, his favorite.

I’m sure you know how the flies follow you after doing justice to your running stomach in the toilet, the same attitude the flies portray toward you. That’s exactly how Misty won’t allow Ash to go anywhere on her own with her.

Someone might say it’s a spell, but this is how they are. She even went the extra mile as she led her through most of her path in fulfilling her dream and improving her as a Master of Water-type Pokemon. The various places they pass through include the Orange Archipelago, Johto, and Kanto.

9. Loke (Fairy Tail)

Loke (Fairy Tail)

Loke can be considered the most romantic character in most of the anime series you have ever seen. He can convince even the most stubborn girl you can ever think of. But one thing about him that can interest you is that despite all of this, he can be respectful to his spouse and always keep his word.

Among many of the anime you have ever seen, Loke is one of the most famous among them, his cuteness and powerful sweet words took him there.

10. Junichiro Tanizaki ( Bungou Stray Dogs )

Junichiro Tanizaki ( Bungou Stray Dogs )

Tanizaki is another character that made it to our list of one of the most stylish anime with orange hair. Let me tell you briefly about Tanizaki. He is the older brother to Jun’ichi. Als is a devoted corps member, specifically an Armed Detective.

For every activity that is held in the training ground, Junichiro must participate. He also follows his team to have fun too. These guys are so interesting.

You must have known by now that one of the qualifications for joining the Army is your physical strength, so that is to say that he is a very strong and muscular man whose orange hair is so beautiful, his skin glows like that of a newborn baby.

11. Itsuka Kendō (My Hero Academia)

Itsuka Kendō (My Hero Academia)

From my Hero Academia, we have Itsuka, who happens to be the class representative of class 1 B. She got that position not by mistake, it was pure merit to her as she deserves it even more than any other student from her class.

She has every leadership quality; she is outspoken and always ready to defend her class. Because of her courage and nature, many people love her and consider her the eldest, as they accord her so much respect.

Most of her classmates always fight with this other class 1A, but Itsuka tries to bring peace and tranquility between these two rival classes. She is also an orange-haired girl.

12. Sora Takenouchi (Digimon)

Sora Takenouchi (Digimon)

Let me introduce you to Sora, another beautiful anime character with orange hair. She is a special child whose nature is so unique and mysterious.

Her natural design was to be a girl, but oftentimes, she behaves just like a boy; the most interesting part is that the love she has for playing football is alarming.

Despite the criticisms of many people, especially her mother, who never believed in her, Sora keeps being persistent and courageous in doing what she loves the most.

But all the same, her mother started understanding her and finally stood by her to support her in her dream instead of forcing her to become an artist.

13. Mito Freecss (Hunter X Hunter)

Mito Freecss (Hunter X Hunter)

He comes from a loving and sweet mother. He cares so much about her adopted son, one of the freedom fighters ever. This son of hers brings a lot of worries and troubles to Mito, but notwithstanding, she never one day says a negative word about her lovely son.

Mito Freecss gives her son all the support he can ever need from a mother. This very adopted son of hers has always wanted to see his real father in Hunter X Hunter.

14. Orihime Inoue (Bleach)

Orihime Inoue (Bleach)

Now, let’s see the story of a very beautiful and adorable anime character with orange hair. She is so smart and pure-hearted.

So many people from her school mistaken her relationship with Ichigo as something negative. But Ichigo is just her best friend; they both care and love each other so much. But Orihime doesn’t joke with her friend.

Once you touch her friend, you have also touched her, and that’s a very big trouble.

15. Chiho Sasaki (The Devil Is a Part-Timer!)

Chiho Sasaki (The Devil Is a Part-Timer!)

Here comes the final anime character with orange hair on our list; her story is quite romantic. As a high school student, she has a crush on her friend Sadao, who doesn’t even know that Chiho has deep affection for him.

This continues for a very long time. Chiho is so tiny and beautiful; she wants to try new things just like any other teenager. Her favorite language is Isla but she was being taught as it appears to be a new language.

16. Akatsuki Kain

Akatsuki Kain

When we talk about anime with stylish orange hair we shouldn’t forget this very anime series titled Vampire Knight especially episode: 26 , from this story we have one of the most anime unique characters you can ever imagine, he happens to be one of the most tallest vampires ever, because of his stature he was nicknamed “wild” but his real name is Akatsuki Kain.

Some people don’t really know that this guy is the cousin to one of the most amazing characters also in anime called Hanabusa Aido. Kain has tan skin, his eyes seem like it’s burnt orange and then of course the reason why he appeared on our list is because he is also having orange-brown hair, all these unique characteristics made him stand out among other vampires.

Though some people call him “wild” , I don’t think he is really acting wild because he is so calm and so accommodating, he tries to help people around him.

Especially when he settles the dispute between Hanabusa and Ruka. This very thing they called backstabbing is not in his blood too, he always sticks with his friends and doesn’t escalate their plans to others.

But together with all of the features Kain has some supernatural powers as a vampire when he gets injured it heals by itself immediately he also has the powers of controlling fire.

17. Masane Amaha (Witchblade)

Masane Amaha (Witchblade)

From this series called “Witchblade” we have an amazing character, who is looking so cute and sweet, though she is mature but then she is looking so young and sexy.

She is even the mother iot Ryouko. I’m sure this name Witchblade was attached to our main character Amaha; they even called her Witchblade mother.

This witchblade is inherited by Amaha after a very long time that no one has what it takes to access it.  Once upon a time in Tokyo there came an earthquake that invaded the whole country and destroyed everything in it but then Masane and her daughter narrowly escaped from this deadly disaster that almost took their life too.

I know by now you might have been wondering why this witchblade was so important to them, this is because it contains so many supernatural powers that can do the unthinkable. But then she lost her memories just after the sorrowful event that occurred .

Masane is such a lovely mother that she can do anything to make sure that her daughter is taken care of even if she promised to offer herself as sacrifice of any kind provided the one who brings peace to her is safe and protected then there’s nothing to worry about.

Do you know that some people even nickname her from Masane to “Melony”,for the unbelievable love she shows towards her daughter? She doesn’t care about wasting all her money and assets just to make sure that her daughter is safe.


From this post we have seen the list of the most amazing and best anime characters that have stylish orange-hair. We also read about their various roles which they played in this post.

I’m even sure you had a lot of fun from this very post. Please you can also recommend this post to someone as well. Thanks for your time; I’m sure you enjoyed yourself. Otherwise, stay connected as we come your way next time. Bye!!

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