You are currently viewing 15 super stylish black anime characters with dreads

15 super stylish black anime characters with dreads

In this list of 15 super stylish black anime characters with dreads, you will know this anime and its various roles and, more especially, why they made it into our list today. Sit back and enjoy this piece of entertainment.

I answer that anime characters in this list have a lot of actions and so much to learn and practice from. Their lifestyle and love life as well. So many fans worldwide love this anime passionately as it entertains and brings joy to their heart.

The most interesting thing about this list we have brought to you today is the diversity and inclusiveness this top 15 anime characters with dreads brings to the faces of their faces.

The interesting thing about this list is the fact that in the anime industry today you barely find a character that plays the role of having dreadlocks, especially in the Japanese anime series.

It will benefit you as you join me to see this list together. Some of these dreadlock anime characters with this head style have something mysterious behind them.

At the same time, most of them can be so meek and sweet despite their looks. In today’s world, so many people consider guys with dread as hoodlums and hooligans, but this list will not only entertain you but also bring light to your understanding of why people with dreadlocks shouldn’t be judged any longer.

Join me as I take you through the various superstars and most recognized anime in the world with dreadlocks and their wonderful stories. As we count down on our list, we have

1. Canary


The number 1 best anime character on our list today is Canary. She happens to be a servant to a very popular country from the series Hunter x Hunter.

She serves someone so special to her, as she goes the extra mile to ensure she protects her master at all costs. The name of her mast is Killua. Her loyalty towards her master is worth emulating and so encouraging.

This made so many lovers too much interested in her as she became a source of encouragement to many.

2. Kaname Tosen

Kaname Tosen

Tosen was a former military personnel who dedicated his loyalty to the group for a long time. You know more about this special character from the series Bleach, where he played the role of the head of Gotei 13 of the 9th Division.

But due to his decision to leave a life that is free from blood shading, he had no option but to exit from the group and tried so many things just to survive as a man; one of the things that he once did was Journalism, where he started writing papers and publishing articles. Fans love him, also.

3. Rei Houomaru

Rei Houomaru

As we said earlier, this list of 15 best anime characters with dreadlocks is unique. And full of handsome and beautiful characters. If you are an anime fan, you might have encountered an anime series called “Attack on Titan”.

This series is one of the most interesting and viewed in anime history. We have one of the most unique anime characters with dreadlocks from this series.

This anime character is so unique and cool. His features are that of an African character, his rugged lifestyle is top-notch, and his swagger is something else. All of this joined together, gave him the entrance to make it into our list.

Rei is one of the most favourite and popular anime that we have ever seen in the anime industry. His popularity is quite alarming, and it is so interesting that any of the most interesting anime series you have ever come across, our celebrity anime king will be there.

4. Amahare


The next on our list is one of the coolest anime characters you can ever find. He is just the true picture of a famous and legendary Jamaican musician, Bob Mali. Although Amahare is not Bob, his free spirit and way of singing are quite similar.

His brown-like twisted hair, which is also called dreadlock, is like that of an agent forest.

But his lifestyle is so cool that you can imagine that he might not be the same person you saw.

5. Maurice (Numbuh 9) – Kids Next Door

Maurice (Numbuh 9) – Kids Next Door

In an animated series called “Kids Next Door,” we have a very special kid who plays the role of a protagonist in this series. His main goal is to eradicate Justice and try to let the world know that even as a kid, their voices shouldn’t be neglected.

If you have seen this series, you will agree with me that this kid didn’t just have this loc on his hair because of fun or whatever, but he did because of the cultural value it represents.

The audacity in him is what amazes many today, he never cared about what people say about her appearance.

6. Gem AKA Mr. 5

Gem AKA Mr. 5

Gem, popularly known as Mr. 5, is one of the strongest and most massive anime characters in our list with dreadlocks. He has worked in different places but ultimately chose to do other things. If I should guess, he switches from one place of work to another due to his inability to connect with people.

His anger consistently boils like boiling water. He has got so many conflicts with different individuals. You know, sometimes, if you offend someone or mistakenly step on someone’s foot, you apologize, and that is all, But instead of Gem forgiving that person, he would rather kill the person.

It was reported that he takes certain drugs before going for his deadly operation. Some say it’s a Paramecia-type Devil fruit known as bomu bomu no mi; this very same substance can even make someone who can’t kill an ant do the undoable.

7. Don Kanonji

Don Kanonji

The anime character Don Kanonji must be familiar to many anime lovers starting in 2001, especially from the series published in that period titled “Cowboy Bebop”. He also has dreadlocks. He was one of the most loved characters in this series.

He joined a group known for its secret meetings and other activities being conducted there. The name of this group is the Pirate Space, the Red Dragon Syndicate.

He never continues with his past life but tries to make amends and become a better person instead of a notorious pirate gang. So many recent and new-generation anime fans love his character.

8. Susie Carmichael – Rugrats

Susie Carmichael – Rugrats

One thing I love about this character (Susie) is her courage and high self-esteem, she does not mind that she is a girl but does not allow anyone to define how she appears; instead, she is full of courage and looks the way that suits her personality.

Her dreadlocks are giving the vibes of the Rastafarian movement which were the originator of these dreadlocks but were now copied by many other individuals worldwide.

The role she played in one the most popular anime series you can ever find is in “Rugrats”, as she was loved by most of her fans and viewers.

9. Mira Naigus – Soul Eater

Mira Naigus – Soul Eater

Mira belongs to an institution that teaches people how to use their weapons properly. The main goal of this institution is not to bring destruction or to create hoodlums, but on the contrary, their main focus is to eradicate evil from the land.

Her dreadlocks and glasses are so nice looking on her. She is an icon from the series “Soul Eater”.

Her appearance alone will make you fall in love with her as she is not just one of those regular anime characters out there, but her role is always unique, and she is always showcasing her diversity in every role she is called upon to act. She is dark and has blue eyes like that of the whites.

10. Jodie Landon (Daria)

Jodie Landon (Daria)

We have one of the sweetest characters on our list; her name is Jodie Landon. We have seen so many characters with dreads that most have rough and unkempt dreadlocks, but here we have Jodie, the nicest dreadlocks ever.

Her father’s name is Andrew, and her mother’s name is Michele Landon. Jodie has a lovely family; Evan and Rachel are her two siblings.

Jodie is a focused-minded young lady who doesn’t have time for nonsense; her personality is unique and perfect. She can be romantic and caring, too. But her boyfriend only enjoys that alone together with her girlfriend Mack, the name of her boyfriend is Daria Morgendorffer.

11. Libby Folfax

Libby Folfax

Next on our list, we have one of the most famous female anime characters with dreadlocks; for anime lovers, I’m sure you might have known about her as she stands out in all her appearances in the initial episode of Liberty Danielle Folfax.

As the episode progresses, she progressively emerges as one of this group’s most powerful and un-underrated members.

12. Cassim


Here we have one of the most iconic anime characters; his popularity is so vast that every anime lover should at least be here or see him once upon a time. Fans all over the world are so much in love with him. His style of music and hair is something so cool.

Cassim is considered among the coolest guys in the history of anime. More especially, his personality is so unique. His appearance is cool, he has very good taste in fashion, and clothes, and his blink blinks made several people love his character.

Now, one of the best parts about Cassim is his sense and courage to always stand for Justice, especially for those who cannot help themselves. You can’t also practice injustice with his sister Nikiya. Cassim will chew you raw.

13. Bob Makihara

Bob Makihara

Bob Makihara should be considered a true legend of all the anime characters’ worlds. He is very famous and popular; most anime fans may know him from one of the most loved anime series titled “Gurren Lagann” and “Akira”. In two of this series, the most interesting and most talked about character is Bob.

This is due to his appearance and the role he played; at the age of 20, he started keeping dreadlocks, and this is a result of what he faced growing up in the past. People keep on insulting him because of his appearance.

Changing his appearance to what he is now is much more comfortable to him than the way his hair looked before; after changing his hairstyle to a conc and long dreadlock, people decided to change his name from Bob to “Cucumber”, according to them, Bob’s dreadlock is like that of a long cucumber.

He currently lives in LA; Bob even has a bright future in the music industry, as he once featured some of the most popular musicians you can ever imagine. His mainstream of music is reggae, he has also appeared consistently in most of the commercial videos and music.

Lastly, about Bob, the dreadlocks that he started keeping during his adulthood, according to him, made him fit into his heritage and pride as a real African with the blood of his ancestors flowing in him.

14. Hermes Conrad (Futurama)

Hermes Conrad (Futurama)

Jamaica is where we have most of the legends the world has ever produced, the likes of Bob Marley, Usain Bolt and the rest. Still, here we have someone famous and even representing his country in most Olympic competitions as a master in Limboer. Still, currently he is now a bureaucrat in his country at planet express.

The seat he is in now is like the highest rank you can ever get in a bureaucracy, and the level he is now 34; he didn’t get there by mistake; hard words and resilience transported him there, and he hasn’t stopped working hard instead, his dedication and commitment to remain in that position have increased.

His dreadlocks are top-notch. Hermes married a beautiful lady called Lebarbara, who started to bear his name as a surname. Afterwards, they had one son together. His name is Dwight; what a cute name. But of course, no man is perfect; Hermes also has his ups and downs regarding marital issues.

15. Rocket (Galactik Football)

Rocket (Galactik Football)

From one of the most favourite anime ever (Galactik Football), we have Rocket, who is famous and a footballer; his skills and passion for football led him to the position of captain. It will interest you that Rocket’s coach is one of the legendaries in football Aarch.

Rockets plays as a midfielder in his team. Some might say he is gay because his only boyfriend is Tia. Rocket made it into our list as one of the best anime casts with dreadlocks on our list.


I’m sure this amazing list has entertained and taught you a great lesson. More especially, having confidence and being proud of yourself and your appearance no matter what people say.

These characters with dreadlocks never at a point try to remove them because of negative comments toward them. But instead, it brings out the true heritage of who they are. Once again, congratulations on reading this post. Have a nice day, and remain focused on your goals and ambitions in life. Bye !!!

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